How to Play 'Uno Flip' Card Game (in Hindi) | Best Family Card Games in India. -

How to Play ‘Uno Flip’ Card Game (in Hindi) | Best Family Card Games in India.

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Learn how to play ‘Uno Flip’ card game step by step (in Hindi)
‘Uno Flip’ is a fun family card game for 2 to 10 players.

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Components
01:00 Game Objective
01:28 Setup
02:37 Gameplay
04:10 Draw One Cards
04:43 Reverse Cards (Light Side)
05:22 Skip Cards
05:54 Wild Cards (Light Side)
06:24 Wild Draw Two Cards
07:27 Flip Cards (Light Side)
08:10 Draw Five Cards
08:31 Reverse Cards (Dark Side)
08:48 Skip Everyone Cards
09:09 Wild Cards (Dark Side)
09:28 Wild Draw Color Cards
10:25 Flip Cards (Dark Side)
10:45 Going Out
11:52 Scoring

If you have any questions regarding the game rules, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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  1. बहुत अच्छे से समझाया लु Thanks

  2. Agar kisi bhi 2 player ka 500 hundred se jada aaya ho to winner kon hoga

  3. Bhai upper dark side k flip hai and jab flip kr rh toh niche light side k flip hai …… infinity loop mein fass gy hai

  4. In starting we have to take all 112 cards then we have distribute 7 cards.supous we playing 5 players then also we have to distribute 7 cards

  5. Thanks bhai for explaining I buy tonight flip card and I don't how to play flip card .

  6. Bhai jaise +1 green colour ka hain toh hum uspe koi simple card jo green colour ka hain woh nahi dal sakte kya? +1 green ke upar kya dal sakte hain

  7. What is the penalty if someone plays the wild draw colour card even if he is having a same colour card as the last card played? If some one challenges him

  8. But I was thinking that other players can also see the dark sides of the cards which we have and they got idea about our cards for our next turn at the time of dark sides we play…🙂

  9. If player plays draw wild card saying pink… the next player has to draw until he gets pink.. right? But while the second player is taking cards if he gets wild card ( matches all colors) can we stop drawing or do we start drawing until we get pink only

  10. flip card ke upar flip card chak sakta hai kya

  11. So what do we have to do if have to flip
    Light side
    So what will the dark colour for the light colour

  12. Kisi player yellow 1 number ka card last mai rakha ab meri baari hai or mere paas yellow 2 number ka kart hai or dusara green 2 number ka card hai to kya mai yellow 2 or green 2 number wala card satha daal sakta hu ek satha mai dono card

  13. Apke Uno flip ke box me Uno ke niche bahut saare sentences likhe hai aur dusre u2bers ke video me Uno box me jyada kuch nhi likha hota bas flip the deck wagera wagera likha hota hai to dono me konsa wala sahi rahega kharidne ke liye , aur dono original toh hai na me bas isme confused hu

  14. Mujhe bs ye smjh nhi aa rha flip krne pr to sbko sbke card pta hi honge na

  15. Sir video is excellent but 2 player khelenege to game kaisa hoga te video banao plz🙏

  16. at the start of the game can players see the dark side of their cards to know what they have on dark side?

  17. In uno flip box I have not get score board Than where I see points.

  18. Flip the card wala game PC/Mobile me available he?

  19. If one player has played draw colour wild card and the another player next to him also have the draw colour wild card so can we play that card over it aur it is mandatory for the player to draw the cards

  20. Is there any card slightly larger than the whole deck, in my deck it is there. Plz reply bro.


  22. what are the total number of card in uno flip?

  23. I have grp of 56 card I should play only like this??

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