How To Play Uno Flip Card Game (2019 Edition) -

How To Play Uno Flip Card Game (2019 Edition)

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Clarification: if you suspect that a wild Draw 2 card has been played on you illegally then you may challenge that player. The challenged player must show you their hand. If guilty the challenged player must draw the two cards instead of you. However, if the challenged player is innocent you must draw the two cards plus an additional two cards.

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  1. I think player must put the color card on "wild color deck" when (s)he found the color of the choice, not skipping the turn.

  2. UNO is no fun when played by official rules. House rules rocks.

  3. Played this last night . My family was up til almost 2 in the morning 😂

  4. i don’t get this. how do u play when everyone can see 1/2 ur cards… and when u flip them over they know all ur cards. i don’t know.

  5. The game is good when you play it right. It sucks like monopoly does when you make up your own rules.

  6. my cousins bought dis fame last night and we played it was mildly intense

  7. The rules say the winner is the first to 500 point did you discribe the alternative scoring version?

  8. I played this , but i often started the game on dark side , gets more challenging than the light one

  9. So I am just in the middle of playing this for the first time and the rules don't address this: we just flipped to the dark side and when the pile flipped, the card showing on top is the wild draw until you get that color card. Does that card now go into effect? Or is it ignored because the flip card was the card played?

  10. We just flipped to the light side again from the dark side, and when the pile flipped, it was a previous flip card. I mean, a flip card will always show up when flipping the pile, isn’t it? Or am I just playing this wrong?

  11. The thing is when you flip the game to the dark said that the deck too must be flipped to the dark side…but that's meaningless because the opponent will know what card we pick out from the deck if we keep it on dark side… I just keep the deck with the light side up when the game flips to the dark side and vice versa

  12. When someone switches to the other side when colour will the next person put? (Cuz dark side and bright side has different colours)

  13. For the Wild Draw Color Card (dark side), does the player having to draw from the deck have to PLAY the card they picked from the deck (that matches the color called for) or do they just stop picking once they’ve reached the color and add it to their deck along with all the other cards they’ve picked? If you’re required to play the card, and they, in turn, pick a Wild Draw Color Card, are they able to play that as their turn? Thanks!

  14. Let's be real none of us mark down the points that's doing too much

  15. So with the draw wild card if you already have the color they pick do you have to draw?

  16. What if I play the wild draw color card as purple or orange and the next player has that color? Does he still have to draw or just play that card?

  17. thαnkѕ αlσt wє nєєdєd thєѕє ínѕtructíσnѕ !

  18. In a game of real Dos (Uno,Dos etc.) there is a +2

  19. It's pretty confusing and interestingly fun at the same time

  20. You seem like a pro. Lol. Thanks. It was a little confusing to me. I needed clarification.

  21. Nowhere does the instructions state the person who starts the game with a symbol card follows it. You simply have to discard the power card under the drawing deck & pull another to start with, right?

  22. Imagine stacking +2 & +4 and that one guy get +50

  23. OK. I need clarification. My wife and I had a steel cage match over one aspect of the game.

    When your opponent plays the card where you have to draw until you get the color card they call, what if you draw a wild card? Technically, they can be any color you want it to be. That's how it's played in any other situation. Can I call it the color I was required to draw? It's not clarified here or the rule sheet included in the game.

    Thanks, this is a great version!!!

  24. What do u say to catch the player who only has one card?

  25. I think the dark side is actually NASTIER than the lighter.

  26. Trying to flip the entire deck back into light mode is like trying to flip a coin (Because almost every player has a flip card)

  27. Trying to find the answer to this:
    If the last card played is a flip, then, for points calculation, do you flip all the hands or not?

  28. the discard pile would be light side up for the dark side

  29. I'm pretty sure if you play a draw 2 and lose the challenge you only pick up the 2 cards, that is your penalty, not the 2 plus 2 more, that is only for the person challenging you.

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