How to play Uno Express -

How to play Uno Express

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Express quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. The rules are the same as regular uno except for these changes. For a refresher on those rules, check out this video:

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The object of the game is to be the first player to score 250 points. Deal 5 cards to each player. The new cards are as follows: Draw 1: the next player must draw 1 card and end their turn. Wild Draw 2 – You choose the color that continues play and the next player draws 2 cards. However, you may not play this card if you have a card in your hand that matches the color on the discard pile. You are allowed to have matching numbers and action cards, just not the color. If you believe the player played a wild draw 2 illegally on you, you may challenge them. They reveal their hand and if they had played illegally, then they draw the 2 cards instead of you. But, if they had played legally, then you draw 4 cards instead of 2.

The first player to get rid of all the cards in a round receives points for all of the cards in their opponents’ hands as follows: numbered cards are worth their face value. Draw 1, reverse, and skips are each worth 20 points. Wild and wild draw 2s are each worth 50 points. The first player to reach 250 points, wins.


  1. This is literally Uno but Draw X Cards are divided by 2.

  2. I don't even see the difference between the REGULAR UNOThat is how we exactly play a Regular Uno.

  3. List of UNO EXPRESS cards (56 in total)1. 10 normal 0-9 cards – per each color (40 in total : 1 card per number)2. 1 reverse card – per each color (4 in total)3. 1 +1 card – per each color (4 in total)4. 1 skip card – per each color (4 in total)5. 2 wild cards6. 2 +2 cards

  4. So a wild +2's legal playability in Uno Express has the same conditions as a wild +4's legal playability in regular Uno. I was expecting that.

  5. Omg a draw 1 card is so weak. Aslo I suggest mix uno express with uno. I did that before and no one knew and then I put down a draw 1 card and. My dad said what the heck saying that they are only draw 2 cards and rubbed his eyes in shock.

  6. uno express, dos, flip, either way my friends won't believe it's first to 500 points.

  7. I was so early to the video, the title simply says "How to play"

  8. You said in the title " How to play". you forgotten to put at the end uno and express.

  9. So basically it's the regular game but with scores and some card values cut in half.

  10. This guys explains every game in the greatest of details

  11. Interesting notes uno has 473 different variations

  12. I think I'll stick to the full game. What's next?

  13. How to make this game
    1. Buy a uno
    2. Change the +2 card into +1
    3. Change the W+4 into W+2
    4. You made uno express

  14. Only 4 differences:
    To not 500, but 250
    No 0's and 1's

  15. You can play uno express using only uno flip cards by removing the following :
    All of the flip cards, removing the dark side from play.
    Two wilds and two wild draw twos cards.
    One of every other card (i.e. you remove four 1s, one for each color, four 2s, one for each color, four 3s, one of each color, and so on, eventually you remove four skips, one for each color, four reverses, one for each color, and four draw 1s, one for each color).

  16. Actually you can play it in a normal UNO deck
    Remove the +4's
    Make draw 2 act as a wild card
    1 will be +1

  17. I think the original UNO video should be redone – there are a few errors there

  18. You can play it with a regular(4 suits 13 ranks with jokers) deck of playing cards:
    Suits = colors
    Numbers = numbers 1-9
    Aces = skip
    Jacks = reverse
    Queens = +1
    Kings = wild +2
    Jokers = wilds

  19. Me:hey this is useful
    Me 5 years later: finds a small page on how to play
    Also me:😐

  20. I completely misread what the "Express" descriptor meant, I thought it would be a pocket-sized UNO deck, and instead it's….well, it's no better than Crazy Eights, and I already have playing cards for that.
    Well, no matter; I can shuffle in the Action cards from this one into a matching full deck for more variety.

  21. It is just similar to Crazy Eights in standard playing cards (4 suits, 13 ranks with jokers).

    Suits (spades, clubs, heart, diamond) = colors (red, yellow, blue, green)

    Numbers 2-10 (except 8s) = Numbers 0-9
    Aces = Number 1

    Jacks = Reverse

    Queens = Skip

    Kings = +1
    Number 8s = Wild

    Jokers = Wild +2

  22. 00:15 Each player is dealt 5 cards 1 time at a time the remaining deck is placed into the middle and the top card is flipped up to start the center row

  23. My house rule for this card be like:
    >+1 can be stacked by +1 even with the same color and also by +2 wild
    >+2 wild can be stacked by only with +2 wild
    >if the player cannot countinue the stack, they have to draw the card as many as how much + is accumulated from stack and skips the turn
    >there is no such thing as people challenging illegal +2 wild card in this house rule.
    >if one player finish the card, they come out as a winner and rest of other player still continue untill there are only one loser.

  24. Uno Go has the same deck but the cards are smaller

  25. So it's just regular Uno except the "Draw X" cards are half the value of regular Uno cards.

  26. 00:02 The rules are the same as regular Uno except for these changes

  27. You can also play this game with a single deck of playing cards with 2 jokers in each color (red and black).

    The suits:
    Red = Hearts
    Green = Clubs
    Yellow = Diamonds
    Blue = Spades

    The types of cards:
    1 = Ace
    2-9 = Same number
    0 = 10
    Skip = Jack
    Reverse = Queen
    Draw 1 = King
    Joker (Black): Wild
    Joker (Red): Wild Draw 2

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