How to play Uno Emoji -

How to play Uno Emoji

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Emoji quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher on the original rules to Uno, check out this video:

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This game plays the same as regular uno, except for these changes. The new rules are as follows: Each type of card is themed with different image.

At the beginning of the game, remove the blank wild customizable cards and, using a #2 pencil, write any house rule on each of them. All players must agree to the rule. These cards are wilds and may be played on any other card, even if you have a playable card in your hand. The rule on the card must be followed then you pick the color that resumes play. Because the rules are written in pencil, you can erase and change them with each new game.

When you play the Wild Emoji card, you may also play any emoji face card, as seen on numbers 0 through 9, actions cards do not count, and the next player must mimic that emoji face with their face while they play, all the way until they play again. If they stop making the face before that, then they must draw 4 cards. The wild emoji card is also a wild so you determine the color that resumes play.

If either the customizable or wild emoji card is the first flipped card in the game, then the player to the left of the dealer can play any card on it. At the end of the game these cards are each worth 50 points.


  1. Oh my golly gee that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my past days of my entire life

  2. The game playes like Regular uno except these changesEvery card is a emoji

  3. haha it's kinda ironic, uno means one but thiers a lot of uno games.

  4. 2nd video that i will comment asking for an organ attack how to play vid

  5. Can you do how to play uno power grab in the future?

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  9. Can we at least blink whilst mimicking the Emoji face?

  10. Okay, I was somewhat interested until I got to the part of the wild emoji card. The emoji mimicking thing is just… dumb.

  11. Me with blank wild card customizable: skip your turn or draw 25

  12. Thank you so much. I always think that the blank wild card is that you have to say what color you want. Thanks! πŸ™πŸΎ

  13. I would write down the card that puts down the card gets to put all of his cards down

  14. tsg after he plays the emoji card

  15. how do i do these emotions πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡

  16. When you get this πŸ’©, you should also imitate it.

  17. I loved your 😬 face, exactly like the emoji lol

  18. That writable wild card is a perfect thing to make that one meme that goes like:

    I I
    I I
    I I
    I ———————- I
    I OR I
    I DRAW 63 I
    I I
    I I
    I I


  19. (EMOMOMO plays in the backround)

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