How to play Uno Dare -

How to play Uno Dare

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Dare quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. Check out this video for the regular Uno Rules:

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The rules are the same as regular Uno except for these changes: During setup, pick one Dare List card to use for the game and return the others to the box. If you pick the House Rules card, you will have to write in the dares.

A dare card may be play on a card of the same color or on another dare card, even if that dare has a different number on it. When you play a dare card, the next player must either pick to draw two cards or to perform the dare as indicated by what number is on the card. If they pick the dare, find the action they need to perform from the number on the Dare List. That player must now successfully complete the dare or draw 2 cards from the draw deck. Some of the dares are subjective in nature, so all the players must agree on whether the player has successfully completed the dare or not. Strictness is up to you.

A Wild Dare card does the same as a dare card except it may be played on any card and when you play it you get to pick what color the pile is that the next card played needs to follow. You are allowed to play a wild dare card even if you have another legal play in your hand. If at the start of the game the top card is a Dare Card, the player left of the dealer must chose to draw two cards or do a dare and if the top card is a Wild Dare Card, then they also get to choose the color.

Whatever the dare, all players may participate in making the dare easier or harder on the person performing the dare by asking questions, teasing, playing slow or fast, and so on. If you engage in conversation with a player on a dare, they MUST respond in accordance with their dare. If they refuse to answer or slip up in their dare, then they draw 2 cards.

When the round ends, if the last card played was a dare card or wild dare card then the next player must draw 2 cards. The player who went out receives points for every card in other players’ hands. All number cards are worth their face value. Reverse, Skip, and Dare are worth 20 points. And a wild dare is worth 50 points.

The first player to get 500 points wins.


  1. Bro i need Uno Dare, my friends will love it

  2. What with this 500 point rule 😅 can anyone explain

  3. if you dont do the dare and someone catches you you draw 4 or 2 or else?

  4. I have bought the game with my nana and Grampa

  5. Pretend you're underwater is a hard one, the group need to agree on how long the performer need to hold it's breath, otherwise it's a forced +2 or forced +2 while the performer faints and might hit the head on the floor or something.

  6. The meme brought me here.. wheres the draw 25 or do the dare

  7. Bro this video is more usefull than the rulecard

  8. Definitely can use the "dare" strategy to purposefully lose to chance draw the wild card before your opponent goes

  9. "Pretend to put on your makeup using a card" bruh

  10. Act like a dog until your next turn and Talk like a mouse XD

  11. Wish we had this version of Uno here in Norway!

  12. Thats sems like a longer uno game than clasical uno cuz the first to 500! Thats q long time

  13. Is normal uno and dare uno the same if I just wanted to play it normally

  14. I love how they saw that meme and went "MONEY"

  15. This can be a good silly horror movie with this deck

  16. you guys calculate the card's value? we just count how many cards we have XD

  17. You do not win with points the whole game is to play all your cards and say uno when you place your second last card down

  18. Hey, thanks for helping me learn the rules.

  19. I just bought uno dare and pulled out the rule book. The fact that I’m too lazy to read the rules has earned you a view.


  21. I don’t get how people hate uno dare

  22. "Do a dare or draw two cards"
    We'll, I guess if I ever play this I'm gonna have a THICC deck. If I sit down to play a card game I'm only getting back up to stop playing.

  23. What happens to the person who does the dare??? Do they lose their turn even if they choose to do the dare? Can’t seem to find any rules on that?

  24. how do you do the dare #11 on daredevil card

  25. Thanks to this game i can troll my family more efficiently

  26. House Rules if funny, because you create the list of whatever dares you've gonna play

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