How to Play Uno Cards in Tamil / UNO விளையாடுவது எப்படி? -

How to Play Uno Cards in Tamil / UNO விளையாடுவது எப்படி?

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How to Play Uno Cards in Tamil / UNO விளையாடுவது எப்படி?
#HowtoPlay #UnoCards in Tamil / UNO விளையாடுவது எப்படி?

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This is a video about playing rummy, rules of rummy and how to have fun playing a rummy game all explained in Tamil.
Yeppadi is a Channel almost dedicated to Card and Board games. We teach you how to play games in Tamil & English i.e.: Tanglish so subscribe and let us know what you think of our videos.


  1. Bro you played wrong one time when you used green skip card and you gave chance to the player next to you

  2. Explain pannna therinja mattum sollu. Onnume puriyala.

  3. I think wild draw 4 shud be played only you have no cards

  4. Bro M kumaran movie la 'ASS perusa? KING perusa?' nu kepangala… Athu enna game?

  5. Bro
    You missed some rules
    If the player don't say Uno at the last card that player must draw two cards as a penalty.
    Rule 2,
    draw +2 card
    If the player put +2 card next player will draw 2 cards and gets skipped (you have played in your video at 9.18 )

  6. Nariya rules thappu sollitinga bro clarity illa kolpitinga its not clarity video

  7. Bro please request for 304 card game upload pannunga

  8. Dei konjamachi rehearsal eduthu edit panni video podu edutha first video va apday upload panraa🚶

  9. Pls don't see these and play ..
    Then lockdown will be big steuggle and fight with frnds ..
    Because all wrong he told unfortunately

  10. Ji munu thadava skip podrapo thapa solreenga……

  11. Red colour card in down la iruku
    But red en kitta illa but blue skip card iruku use pannalama
    But in down is red

  12. Ennada game idhu…. Oru elavum puriyala nee solladhu 😑

  13. What is the price . where did you get it bro

  14. Bro neenga shuffle pannurathukkulla paakkuravangalukku thalai suththidum…

  15. Bro nenga romba pathadama soldrenga 🙄

  16. Bro unga voice actor maadhavan madiri irukku 😍😍😍

  17. Bro oru oru thavangalukum 7 cards thn podanumo 10 podakudatho rply me

  18. Unmaiyagave ungaluku vilayada theriyuma!!! Ipadi ulariye…

  19. Varatha visiyatha namma yen bro try pannanum

  20. 11.20 la oru mistake pannirukinga
    Player 1 skip kuduthadhuku aprm ,player 2 draw two podranga

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