How to Play UNO Card Game: The Experts vs First Timer - Who will win? -

How to Play UNO Card Game: The Experts vs First Timer – Who will win?

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Hi Guys! Welcome again to Team Estee eXplorer Family!

In this video, Let’s play the ‘UNO’ Card game Challenge.

Since Ontario province still under lockdown due to #COVID19 #pandemic so we decided to spend our long holiday vacation inside the house. For this reason, to make our staying home still worth it and memorable we decided to play our daughter’s favorite game which is the ‘UNO’.

This is our recent family bonding inside the house with our daughter and we really loved it.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


01:00 How to Play UNO Game?
01:40 Start of Game 1
10:10 Game 1 Highlight
11:09 Start of Game 2
13:05 Game 2 Highlight
13:45 Start of Game 3
15:35 Game 3 Highlight
16:41 Start of Game 4
18:20 Game 4 Highlight
19:06 Start of Game 5
21:15 Game 5 Highlight

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