How to play UNO card game in telugu -

How to play UNO card game in telugu

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  1. Akka miku Inka cards ko theliyadhu main 4 cards add

  2. Madam meeru perfect ga chepaledhu. Madam in UNO some cards called as powercards which has a Unique name called as Skip card, Reverse Card, +2 card , wild card, +4 wild card . Game is that you must decrease all cards from your pile to win . Actual game is like each Wild card and +4 cards are having value of 50 points and special cards like Skip, Reverse ,+2 have value of 20 points for each card. And remaining cards like number cards value their own card value . Maximum 500 points is the target. One more thing if you have 2 cards left in your hand ✋ and if the colour or number matches , you need to Say UNO before putting your last 2nd card in the game or if you forgot to say UNO ,else you need to draw 2 cards from the draw pile as a PENALTY.

  3. Very very good and nice explanation mam thankyou for let me know this uno game from you thankyou so much😊😊😊😊😊

  4. 3 or 4 players tho oka video cheyandi. Comment chusinattu aitey daniki edaina answer ivvandi

  5. Hai i have 1doubt actually after picking a card from the draw pile we cannot throw a card even if the colour or number is the same

  6. Hai sister easy ga explain chesaru

  7. Chala baga cheppaarandi…. clear ga…..

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