How to play Uno Attack -

How to play Uno Attack

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Attack! quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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Video-How to Play Uno:
The objective and rules for Uno Attack are the same as regular uno except for these differences: Use the assembly instructions to assemble the Uno Attack Launcher. Pick a dealer. After dealing 7 cards to each player, place the top card of the deck faceup into the discard pile on top of the launcher. Place the deck face down inside the launcher. The player left of the dealer goes first.

During play, rotate the launcher so it always faces the player whose turn it is. When it is your turn and you don’t have a play you press the button on the launcher. If nothing happens, play moves to the next person. If cards shoot out, you must add these cards to your hand. If any cards are left sticking out of the Launcher after activation, the player who caused the Launcher to activate must take these cards and add them to their hand.

The new special cards are as follows:

Hit 2 – When this card is played, the next player must hit the Launcher button twice. Their turn is then over and play continues with the next player.

Trade Hands – When this card is played, the player discarding the Trade Hands card MUST trade their hand with another player of their choosing.

Discard All – When you play this, you must discard all of the cards in your hand of the same color. For example, if a yellow “7” is in the Discard pile, you may discard all the yellow cards in your hand, with a yellow Discard All card placed on top.

Wild All Hit – When this card is played the player calls a color, then each player (beginning with the person to the discard player’s left) must press the Launcher button once. If the Launcher doesn’t shoot out any cards, play continues with the player to the left. Any cards that shoot out must be added to the player’s hand(s) who activated the Launcher before the next player hits. The player who played the Wild All Hit card does not press the Launcher button. Play then continues as normal.

Wild Hit-Fire – When this card is played the player calls a color, then the next player in the direction of play must press the Launcher button until the Launcher shoots out cards. The activating player adds the Launched cards to their hand and forfeits their turn, then play continues as normal with the next player.

When you have one card left, you must yell UNO before playing your next to last card. Failure to do this results in your having to hit the Launcher button TWICE. That is, of course, if you get caught by the other players.

If you forget to say UNO before your card touches the Discard pile, but you “catch” yourself before another player catches you, you are safe and not subject to the penalty. You may not catch a player for failure to say UNO until their second-to-last card touches the Discard pile. Also, you may not catch a player for failure to say UNO after the next player begins their turn. “Beginning a turn” is defined as either playing a card or hitting the Launcher button.

If a player goes out by discarding a Wild All Hit card or Wild Hit-Fire card, all players must follow the normal rules for these cards. A player may not go out on a Trade Hands card. Once the Discard pile reaches the same level as the top of the plastic “stopper” that holds the pile in place, reshuffle the Discard pile, reload the Launcher and continue play.

You may choose not to play a playable card from your hand. If so, you must hit the Launcher button. Your turn is then over. Any player making a card suggestion to another player must hit the Launcher button 4 times.

When you are out of cards, you get points for cards left in opponents’ hands as follows:
All cards through 9 – Face Value
Reverse – 20 Points
Skip – 20 Points
Hit 2 – 20 Points
Discard All – 30 Points
Trade Hands -30 Points
Wild – 50 Points
Wild All Hit – 50 Points
Wild Hit-Fire – 50 Points

The WINNER is the first player to reach 500 points.

The special Rules for Two Players are as follows:
1. Playing a Reverse card acts like a Skip. The player who plays the Reverse may immediately play another card.
2. The person playing a Skip card may immediately play another card.
3. When a Hit 2 card is played and your opponent has hit the Launcher button twice, the play is back to you.

The special challenge rules are as follows:
At the end of each round, you receive points based on the cards in your hand instead of the player who went out. When a player reaches 500 points, they are eliminated from the game. When only two players are left they play with the special two player rules until one of them is eliminated. The last player standing, wins.


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  19. How to play the uno attack 2020 edition :
    Wild Attack Attack : Choose any player to hit 2 times on launcher; chosse a color.
    Wild Hit 4: Next player hits 4 times
    Costomizible cards: write a rule that everyone agrees on
    Wild Attack Attack: 50 points
    Hit 4, Costomizible cards: 40 points
    Along with the same rules with reagular uno attack with missing cards.

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