How to Play Uno All Wild -

How to Play Uno All Wild

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Today, in our sports encyclopedia series we will talk about Uno All Wild.
Uno All Wild is a modified variant of regular Uno with few interesting developments.
The game uses the same rules except for a few changes.
The game is played by two or more players.
Each card is wild and it can be played on any other card by the player.
At the start of the game, if the first card flipped turns out to be wild action, the player is supposed to disregard the action.
Reverse, skip, and draw two perform the same function as normal uno but are joined to the wild card.
The player using the skip two card can skip the following two players’ turns.
The player using the targeted draw two card is allowed to select any player to pick two cards, but that player doesn’t lose its turn to play.
A forced swap card forces the player to exchange cards with any of the other players.
If a player trades the card with a player who has only one remaining card, the player is supposed to say UNO.
It’s important for the player to check his cards before he resumes.
The player is allowed to draw a card and use it rather the playing with existing cards he owns.
If a player settles on not playing the drawn card he can let go of his turn without playing anything.
At the end of the game, every normal wild card counts up to twenty points whereas all wild action cards are worth fifty points.
The player with the most points wins the game.

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