How to Play UNO -

How to Play UNO

Ben Olson
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How-to video of playing the UNO card game.


  1. I do know uno but a tutorial didn’t have swap hands well done for noticing

  2. Really great video, couldn’t find a good tutorial and after half an hour of looking, i found this. thanks

  3. 12k views but 45 subs and 86 likes?? cmonn

  4. Rules that I made up: if there is no more cards to draw from and players are still playing, they will turn around the stack of cards that they have playing their cards but the one on top of the stack of cards and the remaining card will be used to draw cards.

  5. February 21, 2019
    As I am 15 years old, I used to be literally on my phone but I love Uno. I know all the rules about it.

  6. Remember the special rules about the Draw 4 Wild?

  7. Crystal clear video.. easily understood 👍

  8. I just bought it recently and I don't have swipe card 🤔

  9. The uno cards falling is cool to watch!

  10. I change rules as the president of uno board

  11. What if He have only 1 card and drawn as +4 but I have +4 and draw to him? He can be added 8 cards or Not?

  12. LOL! I like the way you guys acted. It's cringey but funny as well.

  13. My UNO Don't Had A Wild Swap Hands Card. ;-;

  14. Thanks for clear instructions ❤️

  15. amazing tutorial if you do not know how to play this is definitely the video for you 🙂

  16. Nice video guys. Thank you for sharing…You made it so easy to understand!!

  17. you forgot a rule

    you must not show your cards

  18. I dont know how to play but after looking in this video the video was perfect and before i started looking i read the comments

  19. So if you have no cards to drop you need to draw and draw until you get one to play??

  20. The acting in this video is truly superb.

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