How to Play DOS in 3 Minutes (UNO Card Game Sequel) -

How to Play DOS in 3 Minutes (UNO Card Game Sequel)

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Nick here!
Today you will learn in a concise way how to play DOS Card Game, from the creators of UNO Card Game. We will teach you all the DOS card game rules as well as show the dos card game gameplay. Just like Uno, you have to match numbers and there is extra play! You can match colors, too!
DOS games can be played from 2 to 4 players

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0:00 – Setup
0:21 – How to Play


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1)Each player draws a card. The player with the highest number will be the dealer. Symbols count as zero
2)The dealer shuffles and deals each player 7 cards
3)Place the deck facedown in the middle of the playing area and flip 2 cards face up

And now you are ready to learn how to play

Your goal is to reach 200 points over multiple rounds by getting rid of all of your cards
The player to the left of the dealer starts
On your turn you must either draw a card from the deck or play cards from your hand. There are two ways to play cards
The first is by playing a single card that matches the number of one of the cards regardless of the color
For example, if you have a blue 5 in your hand and one of the cards in the center of play is a yellow 5, you may play your card
The second is by playing two cards that add up to one of the cards in the center of play
For example, one of the cards is a 9 – you can play two cards that add up to 9 regardless of color – i used a 5 and a 4
You may use one of the methods mentioned previously on each of the cards in the center of play. In this example i played one card matching the card on right and two cards matching the card on the left
If you don’t have a card that matches the cards at center of play, you must take a card from the draw pile. If that card cannot be played or you don’t want to play it, lay one card from your hand face up in the center of play, adding another card in the row
There are also two special cards
The wild number card counts as any number. The player that plays it decides what number the card will be
And the wild dos card counts as a 2 of any color. That’s its only effect in play
If one of these cards are at the center of play on your turn, you decide what color it is when you match to it
At the end of your turn, take all the cards you played, including the center row cards you played them on, and put them on the discard pile
If there are now fewer than 2 cards in the center or play, refill it with cards from the deck until you have 2
After doing that, if the cards you played also had the same color as the one you are matching, you get a color match bonus for each match
If you matched the color for one card, at the end of your turn you may lay one more card from your hand face-up in the center of play, next to the other two cards
If you matched the color for two cards played, at the end of your turn, you may lay one more card from your hand face-up in the center of play, next to the other two cards and then all other players must draw one card from the draw pile

Then play goes to next player clockwise
When you have two cards in your hand, you must say dos. If you don’t, and another player notices it, you must draw two cards

When a player has no cards left, the round is over.
That player receives points for all the cards left in their opponents hands following this scoring table.
Then reshuffle the cards and begin a new round.
The winner is the first player to reach 200 points!
And that’s how you play dos!

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  1. Thank you!! Your tutorial is easier to understand than even the instructions written by Mattel!…i still don't understand lol

  2. DOS seems complicated haha I'll find much more fun playing UNO than this variety

  3. What about action cards? If there is "skip card" on the table, can we put any cart with the same color on as that skip card?

  4. Okay one thing about this game ia super unclear to me and i can't find the answer anywhere: if you play TWO cards and only one card matches in color do you still get a single color bonus or not? My boyfriend thinks that you do, but I read it as you don't

  5. the part at 1:34 really clarified the whole game for me, thanks. 🙂

  6. What happens if you pull a card to go to centre and its one of the special cards?

  7. But I got only two colours i.e red and yellow

  8. I think I would understand how to play this game but I can't because my family talk so damn loud I can never hear

  9. How do you use the dos card if it ends up on the table?

  10. The game does is so fucking hard I hate it and why the hell does it have to be so damn confusing fuck this game I bought it for seven dollars and I’m throwing away seven dollars now once again fuck this game

  11. This tutorial is the easiest to understand and now I actually will try to play. My cards were sitting in the cabinet for over a year because I didn't want to play this seemingly difficult game. Thanks for the video!

  12. the tutorial is amazing i can understand at the same time its kinda hard to play

  13. I wish it was simpler. It would be cool to just have the rule of adding numbers (like 2+5=7) and the Wild number card, but they went all out on making this adult Uno.

  14. Damn this actually sounds better than uno.

  15. This tutorial is amazing, but my friends still can't understand lol

  16. this is BY FAR the best tutorial on how to play Dos.

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