How To Play Dos Card Game (Sequel To UNO) -

How To Play Dos Card Game (Sequel To UNO)

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How to play the Dos card game. This is the Sequel to Uno that came out in March 2018. Available at Target.

each player receive seven cards. two cards are placed face up in the center of the table. The object is to be the first person to run up on cards.

you are trying to play cards from your hand two cards that are in the center of the table. There are four ways you can match cards.

Single match. Playing a card of the same value from your hand to a card in the center. For example, playing an eight from your hands to an on the table.

Double match. Playing two cards from your hand that equal the value of one of the cards on the table. For example playing a 5 and a 3 from your hand to an 8 on the table.

you can also do a single color match and a double color match. These cards match the same color as the ones on the table along with the value. to do a double color match, you will play two cards of the same color onto a card in the center of the table that matches its value.

if you play a single color match you will be allowed to play one extra card from your hand onto the center of the table. If you play a double color match, you not only will be allowed to play one card from the center of the table but each person will have to draw two cards. you will be allowed to play as many matches as there are cards in the center, but you can only play one match on each card.

if you cannot play a or do you not want to you will simply draw from the pile. if you can play the card you can do so. If you cannot, you will put the card in your hand.

if you have 2 cards left in your hand you will call out dos. If you do not call out those and get caught, you will have to draw two cards.

after someone goes out, points will be tallied from the cards left over by the other players. the points will go to the person who went out. First to 200 points wins.

correction: Each opponent draws 1 card, not 2, on a double color match. #boardgame #ads
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  1. What if I throw two 2’s, a 4, and a 1 on a 3?

  2. Is this video a joke? Lol… sequel to Uno 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Tres: the 3rd world card game, where you need to do equations to find x wich is the matching card

  4. I get it, but how do u count the points, like, the first person with no cards wins, always? The points are just when more than 2 are playing?

    Sorry bout my English

  5. What an ugly game 😑🙃🤢

  6. lol i don't even have dos and im watching this because why not

  7. What happened to the reverse, draw 4, and skip cards

  8. Do you just use the Wild DOS card only to add or can you use it as an individual two card of any color right?

  9. Its weird playing DOS being used to UNO… the game goes really fast 😂

  10. Can I get more than one bonus per turn? if they are more than two cards?

  11. Dude why does dos have to be the hard one but Uno is wayyyyy more easy and simple

  12. i like uno but my classmates says the dos is hard to play

  13. How about, Tres? Quatro? Singko??
    Im not spanish lol

  14. I have a question please. Who is this person who the game calls "Dealer" ??

  15. So the cards that get moved after you add a 6 and 2 to the 8 already on the table goes to you and gives you 16 points?

  16. Can we say “dos” too if we only got one card?.

  17. I got dos because Walmart didn’t have uno and my friends are mad at me

  18. Dos se llama Dos en Estados Unidos v:

  19. Why make a new game when people can't play the first one right 😂😂

  20. do you keep playing on the cards you set aside?

  21. Who else is just watching this because the instructions are hard?

  22. Mr Worlwide will b elike, Uno, Doh , treh, Cuatroh

  23. In one turn how many match can one player do? That means if one player can do do the both card match can one player do both or just one?

  24. Thise cards suck…I'm sorry but that's just how I feel. I grabbed a deck and nope not fun😭

  25. Thanks for actually explaining things in a way that the rules can be understood. Of course it's still complicated (and tough to memorize at once) but at least it makes perfect sense while you explain it. Will have to rewatch the video a couple of times until all has sunk in though 🙂

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