How To Play Bold Card Game (Makers Of Uno) -

How To Play Bold Card Game (Makers Of Uno)

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How To Play Bold Card Game from Makers Of Uno Mattel. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. Shouldn't this video be added to your "games from the makers of Uno" playlist?

  2. I can’t focus cuz the sleeve is blowing me🥴

  3. We discovered a new thrift store here about 30 miles away.They had a lot of older games like Probe,Mastermind some really old Jeopardy and Family Fueds plus several old milton bradley games. I picked up a 1996 Clue complete for 2.00 and a vintage mille bornes for 25 cents and nice Stratego for 75 cents. Will be going back there soon.

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