How to Create a Card Game in Java (Uno) Part 1 - Card Class (Code Clique) -

How to Create a Card Game in Java (Uno) Part 1 – Card Class (Code Clique)

Code Clique
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Part 1 of my Uno Card Game tutorial. In this video we create the Card class in Java.

If you have any questions or comments drop it below.
I’m not an expert in Java but CS is my major in college. I created this project my senior year of high school as a final project in one of my CS classes.


  1. hey man, great video! I wanted to know if you could tell me how to implement the card values from a database instead of using enumeration? For example if the values and colors were stored in a database table, how would we tell java to use those values?

  2. Wish I would of found this video when I first started coding

  3. Joo that is so cool;)
    Appreciate your effort
    +1 sub

  4. Sorry for the weird question, but do you have any idea how to make this online, or local online? I'm trying to make a card game for me and my family to play with each other online.

    Either way, great video!

  5. How would I do if I wanted to change the values of some of the cards?

  6. if I want to build a game but the game have just Values(like: attack, skip, etc), this way will be support my game?

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