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Himlands Fight Come in UNO 2v2 Madness ft.@YesSmartyPie @DREAMBOYYT

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In this video we Himlands Gang playing UNO 2v2 Card Game and it got super funny but this time its two vs two @YesSmartyPie @dreamboyreal @DREAMBOYYT

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  1. Who is better
    Yessmartpie is good
    Dream boy yt

  2. +4 challenge rule explanation:

    You can only play +4 card when you don't have any other card to play. if you still play +4 when you could play some other card, this is considered "illegal" move. If a player challenges an "illegal" move the one who played it gets +4 but if he challenges a "legal" move he will get +6 instead of +4.

    Eg- dreamboy has a yellow card and a +4 card. Smarty plays a yellow card. If dreamboy plays +4 card, this will be "illegal" as he could have played yellow card instead. If Ezio challanges that +4 card dreamboy gets 4 cards instead of Ezio

  3. We want more uno videos Ezio bhai❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Finnally dremeboy background changed😂

  5. Bhai uno ki hi video laya kia kro achi lagti hai

  6. But we actually forgot that himlands was once Smartys survival series.And the 3 haramis just invaded it but smarty even thought them as friends but dreamboy cheated first so theres no question of friend .Like if I am right

  7. Ye himland gussa ho toh thik ye pa gussa na karo Smarty bhaiya and dream boy

  8. Bro challenge doesn't work like you think , it works when a player have a particular color of card , for example if a player has red color card then the challenge could be if he has red color card then he will get +4 if not you will get +6

  9. Pav ki kasam Pin Karo EZIO bhai 😢❤ Btw full support

  10. Challenge ka koi logic nai h game ko pese do bs😂

  11. Ezio beach ka billa hai smarty and dreamboy

  12. +4 card ka use jab karte hai jab aapne pass vo colur ka card nhi hota hai aur tabhi samne wala agar challenge karta hai to uske pass 6 card jate hai agar tumhare pass vo colur ka card rahegaa aur tumne fir bhi +4 dala aur samne Wale ne challenge Kiya to tumhe +4 card milte hai

  13. 💀 aise kya dekh rahe ho gamer hu mein Subscribe karke dekhlo 😂

  14. Challenge means that the person should not have any playable card that was in discard pile before challenging card mean same number or colour

  15. Resident evil 4 complete karooooooo

  16. 5 months hogaga resident evil 4 kheloooooooooooooo

  17. dose smarty and dream boy are in a controversy

  18. smartypie and breamboy nice acting wowwowowooowo

  19. Colour change plus four card can only be played if the Player doesn't have the needed colors or number card in his deck …if they do and they play the 4+ card ….if challenged they would loose))..if +4 played legally then all good)

  20. Bhai suno jab previous card agar red hua aur aape red card nhi hua toh aap +4 daal sakte ho koi bhi color ka aur jo previous card ka number ya color ka card aape h aur aapne uske hote hue +4 daala
    And usne challenge krdiya fir apko 6 card milega

  21. Himlands video do ezio bhai

  22. Dermo boy come back from himlands vote for dermo boy

  23. Dream boy smarty pie ko challenge to mat karna but I am your fan❤❤

  24. Am very sad that dreamboy and smarty pie are fighting😢😞

  25. Ezio Bhai challenge ka MATLAB Hai K jisne plus4 diya Hai us K pas koi option nhi thi tab WO valid Hai 3:06 Jase is waqt ap K paas yellow Tha magar Apne plus 4 Diya
    Smarty Bhai Ney challenge Kiya aur WO jitey

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