He pulled the UNO reverse card on the ref after the yellow card 😂 (via Sidemen Charity Match) - notanothergamestore.com

He pulled the UNO reverse card on the ref after the yellow card 😂 (via Sidemen Charity Match)

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  1. The ref was later ejected from the match and had to draw 4

  2. You know, technically, the reverse doesn't work cause it was a green card and not a yellow.

  3. If this was basketball, he would have been kicked out of the game and fine $50,000

  4. Should have used a red or yellow reverse.

  5. He's lucky he didn't bring a yellow 2+, or God forbid, a +4

  6. Bro don't know he need to use yellow reverse card not green one

  7. He cant play a green on a yellow sorry the foul stands

  8. Max Fosh is undoubtedly the coolest brit of this generation

  9. Can’t play a green card on a yellow card unless they’re the same type. Sorry but he should have planned better

  10. What's wrong with that guy? You can't play green a yellow card.

  11. This is why max fosh is added to my list of favourite YouTubers

  12. The man who pull the uno reverse card is max fosh

  13. No sirve. Necesita un reversa amarillo para poder jugarlo (respeta el color)

  14. Hahaahahahahahaa bro used 100%of him brain points

  15. The ref was annoyed but he know the sheer power of the card

  16. Bro forgot to put yellow reverso

  17. Meanwhile constantine from the animated show who got sent to the house of madness: 🤨🤨🤨💀

  18. You cant play green on yellow unless it matches

  19. Referee: Next time, I will make sure to bring my Uno Reverse cards too.

  20. Vs when max fosh gets a yellow card

  21. if that was a MLB umpire, you'd get tossed out while he holds back tears for daring to question him

  22. “It’s actually a clever play.”
    IS IT?

  23. it doesnt work,he must use yellow reverse card

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