Happy Flipping Friday! 🟣 It’s UNO Flip Time #unocardgame #howtoplayuno #unoflip #shorts - notanothergamestore.com

Happy Flipping Friday! 🟣 It’s UNO Flip Time #unocardgame #howtoplayuno #unoflip #shorts

Real Life UNO Battles
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Welcome to Real Life Uno Battles! Our channel is dedicated to providing you with high-quality UNO gameplay videos that are both entertaining and informative. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned UNO player, you’ll find our channel to be a valuable resource to improve your skills and more importantly, have fun.

You’ll find a wide range of UNO gameplay videos, including tutorials, tips and tricks, strategy guides, and intense battles. Look out for reviews of different UNO decks and variations, so you can expand your UNO collection and try out new ways to play.

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We play using some of the Original Uno Rules, check them out here ►

The “Wild Customizable Cards” are “Discard cards” which means a player can play all the matching colour cards in their hand. Another discard card can be played on top or a matching colour card.

For video purposes – whenever a player shows the back of the card to the camera that indicates that they only have one card left. UNO!



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  1. I Have it Also And is The Best Version Of UNO I Have The Minecraft Version Also

  2. Uno👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍hndhjdhHdnzhhs

  3. The reverse card does only reverse the order in which the players are having their party, but it does not skip it.

  4. I like uno flip but I saw two cards put on the card

  5. I suggest for Uno Show'em No Mercy next

  6. Man i played this with my classmates and we call the swap card "the punisher" sometimes because there could be someone with so many cards beside you and they throw that card and yeah you get the idea and this was for the trolls lol and the 5+ cards were godly as i can work with my classmates and troll them with +20 cards lol (four 5+ cards and this was so funny)

  7. That is better and show better! Thank you!

  8. After you reverse it’s his turn bro use some logic

  9. bro that's not how you play Uno why did you flip the card

  10. I thought you can't end the game with a power card?

  11. Dang that looks more fun than normal uno

  12. i like uno flip but why is you orange card is red?

  13. I have those cards but mess up part about it people can see what cards u have

  14. Hey thanks i bought it this is me abuhudaifa its orange im sorry to bother you😅

  15. Man the uno flip is amazing I also play with my cousins

  16. Hey i heard uno wants to pay some creator for playing/posting for a 2 month gig…may be up your alley. Meantime, hit me back 😀

  17. I can play hours and hours of it one morning I woke up and said to my career let’s go but uno flip I don’t know how the flippen hell I was dreaming of it and then went to buy it and went on YouTube on how to play it then google where to buy it omg & it was on special too big W $8 I’m addicted

  18. Thanks brooo i bought one its so fun frrr
    I told my firend and they might buy too

  19. I meant you can’t end with a good card

  20. Plisssssss UNO DOS Plissssss☹️☹️☹️☹️

  21. You played it wrong the flip card goes on top not the first card that was putten there

  22. Did not say "Uno", take 2 more cards please.


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