Guidelines for UNO Card Game by Rahul Mutreja (Hindi) (1080p HD) -

Guidelines for UNO Card Game by Rahul Mutreja (Hindi) (1080p HD)

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Watch out guidelines and instructional tutorial of UNO (Card Game) by Rahul Mutreja (Gurgaon).

The main objective of UNO is that player will have to ensure that he clear the cards in the hand before other opponents do.

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The standard UNO deck has 108 cards consisting of four colored (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), action cards (Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip), wild cards, and wild Draw Four cards.

The points the player will earn will depend on the number of cards held by his opponents.

How to Play

After the cards are shuffled, each player is then dealt seven cards. The remaining cards are put face down to form the draw pile.

Player has to place one of his cards on the discard pile when it’s his turn. His card must have the same number, color or wording as the top card of the discard pile unless he has a Wild card in which case he can choose which colour cards will be played.

Draw a card if he cannot discard. Play the drawn card if he can. If he can’t, it’s the next person’s turn.

Remember to Say “UNO” when the player has one card left in his hand.

The game is over when one player is completely out of cards. That person gets all the points.

Effects of Action and Wild Cards :

• Skip : Next player in sequence loses a turn
• Draw Two : Next player in sequence draws two cards
• Reverse : Order of play switches directions (clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa)
• Wild : Player declares next color to be matched
• Wild Draw Four : Player declares next color to be matched and next player draws four cards
• Blank Cards : Player plays a card down at the table- face value, skip, draw two and reverse


If a player lays down his next-to-last card without calling “UNO” out and is caught before the next player in sequence takes a turn he must draw five card.


When a player sheds last card, the play is over and that player wins the play. The remaining cards in the other players’ hands are counted as follows :

• Count number cards (0-9) as their numeric value.
• Count Draw Two, Skip, and Reverse cards as 20 points.
• Count Wild and Wild Draw Four cards as 40 points.

Although it is possible to play with only two people, it’s much more enjoyable if there are three or more players.

We are especially thankful to Rahul Mutreja (UNO Player, Gurgaon) for unique assist for creating this video.

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