Giving Him The Win | UNO (FUNNY MOMENTS) -

Giving Him The Win | UNO (FUNNY MOMENTS)

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The mini boss is here!

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  1. Ahh Im about to watch it but I can't bc Im laughing too much and when I start it I will laugh more

  2. Isn't it trigering when you see a video pic that has aphmau giving jason a kiss ❤❤❤

  3. Jess Jason Chris kc Zane Kim Mac if your reading this thank you your crazy Shenanigans help me thought hard times like when my brother passed each time I felt like when I went down those videos helped me get back up again and again and all of you in spired me to start my channel and I want to thank you

  4. And jess I will let you know this ever time i sleep i have a dream about you letting me be in one of your videos and I would do what ever it takes to keep ein and pirce of your back as my way of saying thank you and i have always always always wanted to meet you

  5. The only thing I can hear in this video is the obnoxious screaming

  6. The only thing I can hear in this video is the obnoxious screaming

  7. It’s the first time Chris is saying he doesn’t like blue

  8. It’s the first time Chris is saying he doesn’t like blue

  9. I love how Kestin always says”oh you precious little thing”. Then Jess’s laugh after is the best thing to ever exist! 😂

  10. My question is why is Chris saying he hates blue but its his fav color

  11. 10:49 Jason’s excuse for the win for “I’m your husband!”

  12. Can I please join your server im your biggest fan please😊

  13. Jessica I thought this was a child friendly show mrs."he's naked" and mrs."sexy little tits"

  14. Chris: Calm relaxing game of uno on the aphmau channel my face is perfect you quiet your mouth.

  15. When Chris kept saying he didn’t like blue I got so confused cause his Minecraft character has blue clothes and he has a blue streak in his hair. So now I’m just confused🤔🤔❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨

  16. Chris: I HATE BLUE
    meanwhile in the Minecraft rps he’s only wearing blue

  17. Aph should’ve went with red when she pulled her card that color changes I definitely would’ve done that because she had the most red

  18. When the blue character doesn't like blue at the moment

  19. This is SSSOOOOOOOOOO funny!Especially when he said 'NANI!'

  20. …………….pls just breakup ith him just….just do it

  21. Jess what can I say
    Me other than your welcome
    Kestin other than your welcome
    Me wow 😮 bad zanathon kestin ro’meave

  22. Oh you precious little thing😡 said Zane

    Aphmau is over here like oh thank you hehe 😈

  23. I think spy deserved snuggles after that first round

  24. I fell so bad for chris it diddint give him the opshin to say UNO


  26. I think it's funny how Ein says he hates blue but it's his signature color

  27. Chris: and my face is perfect

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