Giant Uno Cards | Family Game Night | Family Matters -

Giant Uno Cards | Family Game Night | Family Matters

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  1. I bought these cards last December! They’re so funny, & fun!! I took them on a cruise with a group that I work with and we had a blast with them!

  2. Me and my friends would play the giant uno cards all the time!!!

  3. WOW!!!!! Those Giant cards are about $139.00 on Amazon….a good family investment?? "66"

  4. I which that my kid love me but she said that I don’t love her but I love y’all but not her

  5. lmao Niyah got all mad at the end and threw her cards🤣

  6. I played uno at church my friend threw the cards on the floor

  7. They try to get you good cuz they gave a car to one of your girls and make them draw you for draw 4

  8. me and my sister do this and mom and brother

  9. He was just so wrong for that LOL!!!

  10. You folks are the Bomb at playing games. You make a dull moment go away with all that crazy fun. Love it 😍

  11. Cleveland cheated like mug😂😂 Javonne was so close to winning everytime 😂😂

  12. Yooo niyah in the beginning was getting javonne

  13. LOL THEY DID YOU REAL DIRTY, I’m over here dying 😂

  14. i THINK i saw Niyah had 2+ but did not put it down

  15. ユニさん&ディズニー好き!u.tチェンテナリオチームk.NBA&JBA大好き says:

    big card ilike UNO

  16. Actually you can choose to draw a card even if you have one that you can play

  17. Not how your post to shovel them

  18. Even though this wasn’t titled as a review. It’s the best review bc you get to see the game in motion. Like how hard it is to shuffle and hold the cards but also how cool the game looks when it’s giant. Great for people who can’t see small text lol

  19. That was fun! Giant UNO and fambam time 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  20. Where the hell did you get those?

  21. The actual channel is called uncle TV but they said it’s family matter

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