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[Game Review] UNO 2019 Edition from Mattel

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Today TTPM is reviewing UNO from Mattel! This new version of the classic game adds four new cards. Swap Hands allows you to change hands with an opponent. You also get three customizable Wild cards. Watch TTPM play in this video review! For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: The classic game of UNO gets a minor facelift thanks to four new cards added to the deck. The gameplay is the same, but now you’ve got a Swap Hands card that allows you to change hands with any opponent and three customizable Wild cards so you can write in any house rule you want, like making the next player draw 10 cards or do a chicken dance. The Wild cards can be erased so that you can create new rules each game.

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  1. I'm a former fan of American card game UNO since 2014. But I started playing the Japanese TCG, Cardfight Vanguard on 2018.

  2. My box says "Shuffle Hands," but has a "Swap Hands" card in it.

  3. Internal injection truly here under God Louy$lugz says:

    I was shy until wild card interace

  4. How about for blank wild card can make that all of the cards on hand can be discard that and one color that matches the color will be remaining and said uno automatically HAHAH

  5. But how do you put them back in the box in perfect shape? Since I tried putting them and it’s not even as it should be.

  6. First comment love what you guys are doing keep it up

  7. uno is best game for our family and i will give it 5 stars make new uno cards like special uno cards

  8. If I'm playing Uno with my son and he lays down s draw 4 card ,do I have to pick up 4 card's and then he gets to go again ?

  9. Hello.Can someone tell me how to put my photo on my uno account?Thank you.

  10. How fast do I have to yell uno? Because I was on my last card and said uno but someone else in the group yelled it first and they said because they yelled it first I needed to pick up two cards.

  11. We s can make the customizeable cards negate cards. When your opponent activates an action card you can imidietly put down your negate card and the effect of the action card is blocked.

  12. How to win in uno make wild card and say your name will win automatically easy win

  13. good video, but ,the cards are the same with the Uno Wild Jackpot

  14. shut the frick up u talk to much old lady

  15. Are used to do something evil with this I would put draw their entire deck or draw 25 or instantly win or make a person instantly lose

  16. Give me a +4 or +2 in the color I choose or draw 6

  17. Those extra cards were ccx added in the 2015 edition, so they're nothing new.

  18. Man my family is some damn cry babies I went by these rules and boy did they let me have it 😂😂😂😂

  19. 0:48 the way my friends and I do it is to keep drawing until you have something to play

  20. If I have shuffle card at last
    What I should do?

  21. We have 3 blanc wild cards, which one need to write wotever one needs to. Do we need to write them before we start the game or the player who has it can write wot he or she needs to write?

  22. You don't have to play the give me all your card if you don't want to

  23. Originally version only ..
    Switch hands is making it unfinishable like monopoly

  24. Would you tell that how much cards are there in UNO specificly ?

  25. I can play without that new cards with this edition?

  26. When Swap hands cards is given one man has 3 cards and other has 5 cards then how swapping!?

  27. My friend said that there is + 15 and +17 and custom card in uno is it true?

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