Four Animals Attempt to Play a Card Game - UNO -

Four Animals Attempt to Play a Card Game – UNO

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  1. Here's my joke. "So a panda, rabbit, squirrel, and an elephant walk into a bar"

  2. You were on delirious new video also gj on today's video

  3. If he played the disco ball card at 14:11 he would have had only wilds left

  4. Damn pandas thumbnail maker really pays attention to detail 👍

  5. Delirious was yelling at you for going into uno in his last vid

  6. Dude just admit it, this is four furries playing a card game

  7. “What are you holding?”
    “My penis.”

    Has the same energy as

    “Let me see what you have!”
    “A knife!”

  8. Hey bigjigglypanda delirious was play mad butcher and at 10:11 he was blaming it at you hahah it was funny bro y was goa pee my self

  9. Can you tell the person who does your thumbnails that they do a lovely job and that's usually why I click as fast as I do?

  10. I love how Squirrel's avatar is staring down at his hand with a look of disapproval 🤣

  11. Poor squirrel, who knew streamers had a shorter shelf-life than supermodels?

  12. Ah yea I love when the Youtube downfall group gets together and record a game to try to get some views for salvation.(joking love the uno videos keep up the work jiggly.)

  13. Fun fact: On Delirious’ most recent video of the time (the Butcher one), Jiggly and Ohm’s names pop up as playing Uno. Delirious blames them for why he keeps losing.

  14. "Then you became YouTube famous and became bad at gaming."

    How spot on is that. Every YouTube gamer.

  15. You killed delirious because of ur uno notification

  16. If only he played the disco ball when squirrel had 2 cards he could have jumped in on himself with the two +4s

  17. Look at the thumbnail and listen to the voices

  18. He lied it was five animals woody the wood pecker was laughing for the last 20 seconds of the video

  19. Really sad you guys are not coming to salt lake I dont have the money to just fly over to Tempe or Colorado this one really makes me sad and depressed about it

  20. New uno game rule- +2 = half shot. +4 = full shot
    Let's just say I've played with a group of friends and witnessed a +14 ….. aka 7 shots. And somehow walked away from a 2 hour session without taking a single shot lol, so now I want to see you guys take on this challenge! It's tons of fun, (can't speak for everyone that night) but yeah it's great lol.

  21. I've been waiting for uno vids again. 🙂

  22. The end of that intro sounded louder than usual, lol.

  23. You told the butchet were Delirious. Was now he is dead

  24. Am I the only one who saw how easily jiggly could have one that last one

  25. Never thought I'd see the day jiggles playin with rilla loved the vid man, keep doin you.

  26. Darn everyone else beat me to the joke of Delirious not being in so I'll have to think of something else. Uh…Have a nice day everybody and remember to look both ways before crossing!

  27. A Panda, a Rabbit, an Elephant, and a reanimated Squirrel

  28. I love how so many people watched Delirious his vid with the butcher and then come here xD

  29. What if the disco ball is your last card and you play it? If you play a plus card or another special card, Uno usually carries out the last action before ending the game; if it completes the disco and everyone has 0 cards left does everyone win or does no one win?

  30. 2:05 anyone else got scared of that random HELLO word in the background?

  31. Is jiggles a furry or not I can't remember….

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