DIY. Make your own UNO cards. -

DIY. Make your own UNO cards.

Fun time with Sara and friends
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Index cards. You need a total of 108 cards. If the cards are big, cut them in half.
Pen or sharpie.
Four crayons (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)

UNO cards breakdown:
Total number of cards: 108 (25 each of red, green, blue and yellow. 8 of no color)

Number cards: 76
Each color contains 19 Number cards. One number 0 card and two each of cards numbered 1-9.

Action cards: 24
There are three types of Action cards. There are two of each action card in each color.
–Draw 2 (the next player must draw 2 cards and miss their turn)
–Reverse (reverses the direction of play)
–Skip (the next player is “skipped”).

Wild cards: 8
There are two types of Wild cards. Four cards of each type.
–Wild (change color)
–Wild Draw 4 (change color and the next player must draw 4 cards)


  1. We have this game but it's name Ono why what's the rission

  2. Made a whole quote with one video: “If you can’t buy UNO, Make it.”

  3. I put 2 zeros for each color instead of one

  4. I made one of 25 cards amd maximum 3 players. i made the cards 1,2,3,block,change color, 2x , 4x and special cards that never published in UNO. That was win and lose. And the instructions.

  5. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas says:

    What 666 likes?

  6. this is awesome! but aren’t all the supplies eventually more expensive than just buying the uno cards at the store? this is really cool and creative.

  7. Thanks now I can play with my rnr teacher at the beach and have a chocolate milk

  8. Do colours properly and I can do it easily but it is nice

  9. Hide your money yal theres poor pepole here 😂

  10. Made them thankes

  11. Windows 10 stock video editor

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