Crazy Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi Play UNO! -

Crazy Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi Play UNO!

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Mario and Luigi play a game of UNO! Bowser Jr and Yoshi join in!

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  1. Luigi won because he put the reverse card so they are supposed to switch card and then Luigi should of won

  2. I’m good at uno totally better than Luigi 😎

  3. Did you know that when you're 2 players reverse it's again your turn

  4. Mario put a green 8 and then Jr put a red 9 that doesn't count

  5. No pull an play and no add ons

  6. My top 3 favourite parts are:
    1:25 Luigi: Let's get this thing open! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario: Well, that was incredibly inappropriate.
    15:16 Luigi: Hey Mario, hows that mountain of cards taste? Mario: Hey Luigi, how that CHAINSAW YOU'RE GONNA TASTE DEEP DOWN YOUR THROAT AFTER THIS GAME?!?!?!?!?! Jr: Woah! What are you doing there Mario? Starting a collection?
    21:35 Luigi: But i'm still the uno master, i promise. John Cena: Are you sure about that?

  7. 13:32
    Junior: Places a red 9 on a green 8
    Me: You could of done one of the 8s or the green 9

  8. Luigi never said uno when he had one card, only on accident lmao.

  9. So crazy Mario bros so My SML minion JEFFY From SML

  10. Weezy Luigi Martin handle that way he cannot wait

  11. We we know your genie weezy Luigi we know your team

  12. 13:34 nobody talking the fact that junior throw a red number 9 when the card says green number 8

  13. you don't know how to play Uno, bow bow jr over here playing a red 9 but its a green 8, you can't stack +2 with a +4

  14. and when ever ou get +2 or +4 you skip your turn

  15. btw you need to say uno and if anyone noddised you did not say uno you have to jraw 2 cards

  16. Bowser jr did not win in the last game. He didnt say uno

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