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Card Party – Best Party Card Game

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Card Party – Best Party Card Game!


  1. It's ok. Until you do your "ONE TIME OFFER" everytime i leave a room or startup the game. Then, an ad has to instantly play. Because it can't go 2 seconds (outside of playing the game) without trying to meet an ad quota. And don't get me started on Meta Friend Lobbies. There's no way a well coordinated lobby knows exactly what each other's cards are and execute it so perfectly that they help their friend win. In addition, you can tell who's a friend. Because, they won't play their +2's, Blocks, and other mean cards on them. Instead, they will play the garbage cards.

  2. Bombay you cut me right out in the middle of playing card party I played hard for those coins over billion not allowed back why my I ask?

  3. Bots u go and play with your 2 years old brother

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