Bro pulled a reverse uno card 😂 #anime #animemoments -

Bro pulled a reverse uno card 😂 #anime #animemoments

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Anime: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai



  1. Me reading comments back then💀💀😩

  2. Bro called us single in every single language exist 💀

  3. Bro don't need uno reverse the uno reverse needs him

  4. Ones who have watched this anime must be very sad🤧

  5. This is my second favourite anime ive watched, i watched it cuz i thought there would be bunny girls. However even after i found it there werent a lot, i still stayed because it was amazing. If youre gonna watch the anime then you gotta watch the movie too.

  6. Uno reverse to man uno reverse to the woman

  7. He already watched that cutscene, he's just speedruning

  8. Classic f***ing woman 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. My guy feels no shame and embarisment does not exist in his mind

  10. Dude clearly went to the Doctor Who Academy of Reverse Psychology.

  11. The rizzler himself. The one above all. The only one to go even further beyond, and the bro to get a girl and still be the coolest one in the friend group.

  12. This is what I call a smart man if you agree like

  13. Such a dark anime I’ve watched after Classroom of the Elite 💀

  14. He went from asking her out to making her ask him out

  15. rizz breathing fifth from reverse psychology rizz

  16. dude i am dying on his expressions i want those looks and expressions

  17. He is a giga Chad. 😂

    Anime: bunny girl senpai.

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