Braille Uno card game for the Blind -

Braille Uno card game for the Blind

Anthony S. Ferraro @asfvision
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Blind Vlogger Anthony Ferraro shows off his Braille uno cards and explains how he can play while not being able to see


  1. Awesome!! We have a ton of these Braille uno sets at the blind school I work at!! One love Anthony. Would love to talk to you some day, or get you in contact with some of my visually impaired students .

  2. Uno love!!! 🤣🙃 this guy is a comic genius and life counselor all in 1

  3. Just imagine cleaning up the mess after the vid 😂

  4. This is so wholesome i love how exited he is

  5. I think the people that are blind and they play uno. I think the have an advantage.

  6. How long did it take for you to clean the cards up

  7. I love that. "One year they put braille on them….so everyone got me a pack" haha

  8. Ok but how do you know if the other person is about to have uno

  9. Hi Louis Braille I just learned about him last week

  10. I didnt know they had a uno for blind people. That's very nice of them to do

  11. What do u think it was like trying to find the cards on the ground

  12. But…..Uno………….. How you gonna call someone out for only one card left?…………..

  13. Is his blind ass going to clean up that mess?

  14. Your enthusiasm is contagious and had me excited 😂

  15. If your having a bad day just watch one of these videos

  16. Sorry you can’t see this comment but I really like how you play it

  17. wait – where the numbers in braille?

  18. Actually i still don't understand the concept of Uno😂🤣

  19. "I can read the cards underneath the table" 😭😂 God

  20. Brrrroooooo I have to make it a goal to at least play a good game with ya man 💯💯💯💯💯

  21. The should and could make most regular card&board games in a braille version man from playing cards to monopoly!

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