Blokus Shuffle: UNO & UNO: All Wild! — Game Review -

Blokus Shuffle: UNO & UNO: All Wild! — Game Review

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In this review, you learn how to play two games based on the classic UNO card game: Blokus Shuffle: UNO Edition and UNO: All Wild! For more details on these games, check out the game listings on BoardGameGeek:

• UNO: All Wild!:
• Blokus Shuffle: UNO Edition:


  1. We bought Uno All Wild, played it 3 times and instantly came to the conclusion that it’s absolutely rubbish, repacked it (in perfect condition) and took it back. It’s terrible.

  2. The only reason Uno: All Wilds exists has to be because some marketer thought it up as a joke, and some Mattel exec said "we could sell that". Unfortunately, they're probably right, I can't imagine how many of these will be bought as gifts or just out of curiosity.

  3. A hybrid of Uno and Blokus? UNO STACKO is a hybrid of UNO and JENGA. What's next? Uno Chess hybrid?

  4. I really like how you explain this all..we have Uno wild i think its kinda fun.. We have Blokus regular but yes i hate the

  5. Blokus has to be our best family game in terms of value (cost vs number of plays). Great for kids 5+. Now that both kids are over 10, Uno-Blokus is a natural progression. It's both similiar yet different enough from the original. For our kids, the "randomness" mixed with a little "gotcha" from the cards adds to the fun factor.
    Not really convinced about the "Wild" version.

  6. your putting games away is almost like ASMR, but really upsetting to some people. I think I'd watch a video that was just you whispering and sweeping pieces into boxes :p

  7. I feel like the big problem with Uno isn't that it has "no skill"/"not enough skill." It is a very low-skill game, but that's only a problem for me if the game lasts uncomfortably long, which Uno often does.
    It looks like the All Wilds variant dramatically shortens the game length, which I think is an extremely positive change, even if it does make the game even less skilful

  8. Why did you not wait with the release for this vidoe until the first of april ?^^

  9. Uno all wild looks so stupid.
    I can get behind Uno, but Uno all wild is so stupid.

  10. The only good thing I can see about the uno all wild, is it's now colorblind friendly.

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  12. The great thing about "Blokus Shuffle: UNO Edition" is that you can just toss those cards as soon as you open the box and then you are left with a perfectly good Blokus set.

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