Black Jack 101 | Learn how to play the card game BlackJack. -

Black Jack 101 | Learn how to play the card game BlackJack.

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BlackJack: Learn to play the card game Black Jack. Brought to you by This video walks you through each step of how to play the card game. The game is similar to the card game Uno and Crazy Eights and not the casino game where you need to score 21.

Learn how to play the game Uno but with regular playing cards.

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Steps to learn to play Black Jack
Introduction – 0:45
How To Win – 2:19
The Deal – 2:27
The Play – 3:00
If You Cannot Play – 4:14
Trump Cards – 4:34
Serving The Queen – 5:15
Calling Last Card – 5:30
The Winner – 5:56

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  1. The instructions for when you can’t play is wrong! The correct way is… When you can’t play, you pick up and then it’s the next persons turn to play. It doesn’t matter what card you picked up at that moment because that was your play. Therefore it’s the next person turn to play. However if what you picked up was a good card, then it might benefit you next time when it’s your turn to play. So basically ‘picking up and playing when it’s your turn means that you played twice and that is wrong seen as you get one turn each!

  2. Yhh this is blackjack but Ive grown up playing where: The King: reverses the game Jacks on Two’s: where you can cover a black jack with a two to add up the cards the next player has to pick upAny 8: skips a turnJokers: wild card And sometimes bring backs: where playing with more than 2 players and if a jack or two if played and pasted around the turns until you again you would have to pick up the amount on the deck (and be brought back into the game) usually done with two decks.

  3. We call this blackjack in Uk. what is known as blackjack in US, we call Pontoon in Uk.

  4. In secondary school we used to gamble with items from our packed lunches and pencil cases in this way. I lost a lot of pens playing this game 😂

  5. Due to the Jack of spades & the Jack of clubs that owns the rights to Blackjack 21, the actual game you are talking about is called Switch. The Jack of spades & the Jack of clubs did not get credited in Blackjack 21, when the rules were told that suits don't matter.

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