BIG PLAYS WITH THE DRAC MAN! | Uno Card Game #16 Ft. Dracula, Stabbies, Ritz -

BIG PLAYS WITH THE DRAC MAN! | Uno Card Game #16 Ft. Dracula, Stabbies, Ritz

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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It’s time to crack open the UNO decks again! 😀










  1. Ohm. I have been bere since 1k please notice me

  2. 8:26 Swag sounds like that guy from The Room……

    Oh Hi Mark!😂😂😂

  3. "Its like i have ESPN or something" -Swagdrac 2017

  4. I love UNO videos! Do you think you could try to do these more often?

  5. That's awesome that you played with Swag. I think you guys would make a good team as shown in this video. 🙂

  6. Love your videos so fun to watch! 10/10

  7. Ohm is kind of a selfish player here. I know they won, but turning it green didn't make sense at all @16:15, he should have been playing for Swag. Even after turning it green, he used skip when Swag didn't have green. Lucky Swag had a color change, but Ohm kind of twisted his arm to play the wild card.

  8. YAY!!! Ohm's playing with Swag again too  <3333

  9. “Oh no, Ohm, I don’t have that color what are you doing how could you do that…” Swag is a man after your own heart.

  10. I love ur little guy in the thumbnails! :3

  11. Good job, Ohm. Really love the content lately.

  12. Everyone’s getting a pin know what that means

    Pin meh Boi

  13. Hey ohm could the other game you play be rules of survival its a battle royale game

  14. Ohm nice to see you play uno again would like to see another video or two of uno with toonz and H20. Also can we see more Friday the 13th,DBD and Fortnite battle Royal

  15. I want more battlefront 2 heroes vs villains. With boba and yoda gameplay.

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  17. i know this is off subject but was just watching some of his old evolve gameplay and was thinking how crazy it would be if they modified it for VR…

  18. Wait is ohm symbol in his channel
    Is a refrence to half life opposing
    Force of Power inc. so thats why you are called ohm
    Hey do you play half life 🙂

  19. Ohm you honestly deserved more subs, Anyway keep up the good work. Like if agree

  20. I enjoy Swagdrac's accent like so much, it fits so welllll

  21. hey ohm i love watch your uno videos and and i was wondering how come you guys dont do free for all

  22. Plz do more uno very fun and keep up the great work

  23. I fucking love these videos I miss The uno Videos tell delirous to play it with you please ohm☺😊

  24. BIG PLAYS WITH THE CRACK MAN!, i read the title as that

  25. Ohm why did you keep talking across the board?

  26. play get over it plz! I was dying from laughter

  27. I freaking love Drac’s accent so much omg. It just makes me giggle it’s freaking great

  28. Thanks for tuning into this episode of UNO, it's been a while and I've been itching to play so I rounded up some others that appreciate a good UNO match from time to time, and we jumped into some 2v2s! If you guys still want more UNO be sure to show lots of love with the like button, it goes a long way in showing me if you guys are still enjoying a series (especially when I bring them back after a bit of a break!). Also, NEW SIEGE coming up in less than 24 hours, showing the new operators, stay tuned for that! 😀

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