ARE THEY GOING TO RAGE QUIT?! | Uno Card Game #40 Ft. Vanoss / Nogla / Jiggly -

ARE THEY GOING TO RAGE QUIT?! | Uno Card Game #40 Ft. Vanoss / Nogla / Jiggly

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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A wise man once said… never get too cocky! 😀




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  1. sounds like that seen from Dude where's my car

  2. Wish they'd play "first to X points" matches to prevent these stupid "I might as well fish" plays (not that they're stupid, that they're viable is)

  3. jiggly sounds so genuinely confused by whats happening and i love it.

  4. For some reason I thought bigjiggle-o was cereal brand from 90's commercial lol

  5. Nogal getting mad and he rage quit and crash his game to karma

  6. None of these wins count because they were all wild cards.

  7. I know some ppl don't like the uno videos but I think they are greatest !

  8. Nogla and his damn noises. 😂love you Ohm 💖💖😍😍

  9. I like how Ohm “strategize” but fucks up with his choices

  10. I’m laughing so hard halfway through. Ohm you are hilarious and I love you. And it love that you’re obviously the sweet one in the group because when you talk mess, it still seems really sweet. Great content.

  11. Vanoss and Nogla won 1 more game than you so it didnt matter

  12. 0:32 Nogla only through down one plus 2 and Ohm says “we fucked”. IT WAS ONLY LIKE 7 CARDS INTO THE GAME. LIKE WTF

  13. Why didn't you play the blue three on the second round

  14. Hehe Nogla say they gonna win but instead they rage quited hehe😂🤣😂

  15. Watching this reminds me of my childhood playing uno on the Xbox 360 haha; keep up the amazing videos all of you guys!!!

  16. Brooooo 3:52 the mating call of the rare ohmfish LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  17. 2:03 Ohm, to be precise, it was a 2 minute round

  18. Watching Ohm try to strategically play uno makes me want to vomit..

  19. I always didn't like Nogla when he's winning and I always prefer him to be bitching, complaining, suffering and losing but whew. You bitch about the same thing you did in the very first round of this video. I wonder why does that makes me pissed off / annoyed at him for a while. The idea is very simple, If you use the +4 tactic first, You don't get to bitch about it.

  20. You could’ve let jiggle win so many times…

  21. 8:12 Oooh, mind tricks eh? Ohm you should have drawn, you shouldn't let them try mind tricks on ya… Tbh I didn't even know that they would do mind tricks, on honestly thought the pasta would have helped

  22. Let’s gooooooo vanoss and nogla won this vanoss channel!!!!!! I’m sorry I got a lil hype

  23. I hate that Ohm calls the whole game before anyone can play. He only plays for himself. All the time, everytime.

  24. Ohm, I suggest an idea to make Team UNO games interesting…
    How about you guys try messing with communication? Example: You can only hear your teammate.
    Example #2: You can hear only one of your opponents (Makes it easier for secrets to slip so you can plan your next move, of course you would have to somehow randomize who can hear who… Also the opponent you can hear cannot hear you and vice versa)

  25. Why is everyone so against Nogla? I like how competitive he is it’s hilarious😂

  26. Vanoss is so quiet when losing and ohm always bust a nut

  27. Ohm u should play a game called roblox it's a fun game

  28. When ohm laughs he sounds like master roshi from dragon ball

  29. ohm is truly one of the worst uno team players 😂

  30. i was secretly getting so pissed off at nogla at the beginning lol

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