ARE THEY GOING TO RAGE QUIT?! | Uno Card Game #40 Ft. Vanoss / Nogla / Jiggly -

ARE THEY GOING TO RAGE QUIT?! | Uno Card Game #40 Ft. Vanoss / Nogla / Jiggly

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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A wise man once said… never get too cocky! 😀




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  1. Nogla says about scum of the earth with the +4 but vanoss finished on a +4

  2. 18:20 Nogla rages about them ending on a plus 4, yet that’s what happened on the first round of the game.

  3. HAHA omgosh so not suspicious 13:14,
    Ohm "DOOoont….."
    Everyone "What?!"
    Hahahahahaha lol.

  4. I was smiling throughout that entire video.. Great game guys!

  5. "Just be glad we didn't hold on to it like some cunt I know" Oh you mean like all those other times you hold onto shit all while cackling and being smug as hell?

    I tell you I HATE when Nogla is on a winning streak because he becomes the smuggest piece of shit and immediately rubs it in everyone's faces. But the moment it turns around he loses his damn mind.

  6. the first round, vanoss didnt have the best hand, h2o had 4 +(+4 cards) at the start of the game X3, annnnnnnd gatta love the ohm fish, ima draw it soon X3

  7. Here's to Evan and Nogla for finishing the game as the sorest losers and with the pussiest move ever.

  8. On the second round you could of placed your blue 3 down letting jiggly jump in and win.

  9. Whenever Ohm and Jiggly won it was out of some cool thought out plan but Vanoss and Nogla just kepy getting lucky. Someone say conspiracy?

  10. One of the funniest uno theyve ever played😂😂

  11. "SHUT YOUR HOLE!" when you can't swear towards your mom

  12. Finally Nogla knows how it feels 😂

  13. Im new lol hi ohm hope your enjoying your day today

  14. Hey Ohmie!
    I'm finally all caught up on your 40 episodes of Uno lol. Whoop!

  15. Yall must be the only ones playing anymore. I bought the game on the steam sale and theres like noone playing it.

  16. I literally don’t understand what ohm could possibly have been thinking this entire game 😂😂

  17. Why was Nogla talking crap about the draw four? He won the first match with a draw four.

  18. You always overthinking it ohm.. just play the cards…
    Ruining the fun and make watching it totally annoying….
    Just play the cards please…

  19. I just like to comment and say panda had plus fours every time. XD

  20. Fucking pussy Vanoss quits like a loser.

  21. At 16:20 they had three ways to win including jumping in, using the skip, or using the plus four

  22. Ohm you are so fucking bad at uno it makes me angry, stop being such a pussy and play the dam cards fuck head

  23. All the girls say Vanoss is the quickest Uno in the country.

    31:00 The last resort of the cowardly.

  24. 26:05 Ohm and Jiggles had brain farts! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard lol!

  25. Something I’ve realized in the past few years, ohms fans are sensitive af. I love ohm, too, but some of you need to relax and take a joke

  26. Ohm and Jiggly can literally get rid of 4 cards between the two of them with zero effort.
    Ohm: nah, let's wait.

  27. For some reason 90% of the time Evan wins, it’s weird.

  28. Love how Nogla is cocky and when he is on the verge of losing he quits 😂

  29. You know, I just realized that some of the noises the Rabbids make sound like DSP's seagull laugh.

  30. 25:18 They really should be playing with the standard Call somebody out on Plus 4 option

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