Angry Birds Card Game Smash Pig to WIN (based on the Rovio Angry Birds Video Game) -

Angry Birds Card Game Smash Pig to WIN (based on the Rovio Angry Birds Video Game)

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Shoot the King Pig to win in this Angry Birds game by Mattel Toys (the makers of UNO). Here’s a full walk-through of this new Angry Birds game based on the Rovio Mobile app Angry Birds video game (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). This Angry Birds game is for ages 5+ and supports 2-5 players. The play-set contains 36 Structure Cards, 20 Special Power Cards, 1 King Pig with stand, Instructions and 2 Dice featuring Red-Bird, Black-Bird, White-Bird, Yellow-Bird, Blue-Bird and a “Wild Card” side! This game is great fun whether you are playing with family, friends, in your college dorm room or outside in the summer sun. Just make sure it’s not too windy! …cannot begin to remember how many hundred times the wind blew the card decks over while filming this toy review with Mater and Holley Shiftwell! LOL

Featured Song: “Breaking Free” by Formular Won:

News has arrived that the long awaited Angry Birds Star Wars video game app has just been released by Roviomobile. It looks epic! Watch out for the lasers! I wonder what the next Angry Birds tribute will be in the franchise. Who knows maybe “Angry Birds Lord of the Rings” or “Angry Birds Harry Potter” or better still “Angry Birds Twilight”. Hahaha! The options seem to be endless for Rovio-mobile’s ever growing vastly popular franchise! Though unlikely, in the future it would be cool to see Rovio attempt a family friendly PG version of “Angry Birds GTA” or “Angry Birds Black Ops”! LOL

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