A New Card Game to Rage At + The Rudest Welcome Ever - UNO FUNNY MOMENTS - notanothergamestore.com

A New Card Game to Rage At + The Rudest Welcome Ever – UNO FUNNY MOMENTS

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  1. please upload the other part of human fall flat!

  2. BigJigglyPanda dont forget to press uno button 😉 was routing for u to win rooting aswell 😉 o and happy belated birthday

  3. I’m loving all this Aussies coming into prime time lol

  4. I'd love to see more of this game and this crew! Kept me in stitches, Keep up the great work Jiggly!!

  5. UNO has a dlc… fucking UNO HAS DLC. Shame on the game developers…

  6. Bless the Big Jiggly Gods for delivering this Panda into this game!

  7. Panda should try using a fnaf pill pack on the others in gmod.

  8. i grew up playing black jack poker and confusion

  9. Sometimes I wish I could mute certain players in videos haha

  10. OMFG Jigglys reaktion to the draw Two Cards!!!

  11. MORE VIEWS!!!! MORE VIEWS!!!! MORE VIEWS!!!! Seriously Anthony is halarious!

  12. You should play this with Chilled and the Derp Crew. That's how to get truly cucked.

  13. It was a lot like happy yelling, so this was great and nothing broke. Yay! Good plays to the end, you'll get them next time, Panda!

  14. Please do more uno, seems more friendlier

  15. Why did the cards against humanity video you just uploaded get taken down while I was in the middle of watching it?

  16. Anthony, I do not wish to nag you on this one, but did YouTube claim your new Cards Against Humanity Video?

  17. Why did you take down the latest cah video?


  19. At this point I basically give up nitpicking on the little stuff, like throwing your biggest numbered cards first, & try to enjoy the conversations between u & your friends. Still it's difficult to not sometimes backseat command or criticizing on a Youtuber's ability on the games I'm familiar with..

  20. Dumbest ever. Didn’t know you had to click uno. Wow.

  21. Just wait till you have zeros and sevens added, and have to draw till you have a playable card, and can challenge draw fours xD

    That'll be a fun day

  22. Cool they're bringing swag dracula deeper into the crew! That's nice

  23. サンスターライナーShannen H.L 「シャン」 says:

    Just Subbed. keep dem rage Jiggly for laughing on my own expenses.

  24. Oh snap Swagdrac and Panda in the same video hell yeah.

  25. I really enjoyed this. 😂😁😀😃 Again again again

  26. idk how people hate the videos that panda screams in. these videos are hilarious

  27. Can anyone see panda playing getting over it??

  28. My god Panda is suck at this game but in a good way. So fun

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