A New Card Game to Rage At + The Rudest Welcome Ever - UNO FUNNY MOMENTS - notanothergamestore.com

A New Card Game to Rage At + The Rudest Welcome Ever – UNO FUNNY MOMENTS

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  1. I relate so badly with that draw ten… At least they didn't use all of the draw 2s against him, plus all the draw fours.

  2. You and your panda hat in your thumbnails remind me of Cappy and Mario.

  3. Achievement hunter played this and lost their minds in the process

  4. ok i dont know why, but since one video, i always say JigBiggly insteat of BigJiggly… am i the only one?

  5. Dracula and Panda in one video? Im dying from laughter 😂

  6. Can anyone tell me the name of the choir at the beginning?

  7. "Im 28 years old you think ive never played uno" XD i dont think ive met anyone thats never heard of uno

  8. my family would play spade at the kitchen table with some fireball whiskey 👌👌👌

  9. He looked so fucking innocent and confused in the beginning XD

  10. 2. + 2. I S. 4. M I N U S. 1. T H A T S. 3 Q U I C K. M A T H

  11. Im dieing from that plus 10 out of no where srry jiggly i feel bad for ya

  12. Ok I don't like all the video cuts. I lose track of who has what. Not fun.

  13. "The Heart of the Cards decided that you should suck it"

  14. youtube says that the game that you guys are playing is RAGE

  15. I wouldn't mind jumping in the game with you guys.

  16. I was cringing a lot because of how bad jiggly was but I understand it was when he just started uno

  17. I love Jiggly but I was dying when he went from laughing to WTF! XD

  18. Jiggly, major big hugs on that 10 card pile up.
    GG everyone

  19. oh dont worry my friend got 102 cards in one game

  20. Hay jiggly have you ever played uno?

    Well here we have another 2 options and 4 costum cards so just click buttons

  21. The controller icon looks like a nut sack 🤣

  22. It was dirty they didn't tell Anthony you have to call UNO

  23. Anthony Gillott the fan of Monkey Ball and others says:

    12:25 2 4 6 8 10 PANDA FULL OF CARDS!

  24. Oh god they’re like 3 ohms. This is so cancerous

  25. OMG I can't believe I found Panda's first uno video! Damn he used to really suck! Lol

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