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A Different Way To Play UNO

Chuck Fresh
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“Full Disclosure” Uno. It’s an entirely different game! Showing your hand creates a new Uno game experience. Strategy changes from a private goal to a community challenge. We started this on a Royal Caribbean cruise about 10 years ago, and have been playing this way ever since. Try Full Disclosure Uno!


  1. Thank you, I'll add this to my list of special rules <3

  2. 1:54 ….why didn't she play the wild card if she had it ….???

  3. খানকির পোলারা, বালের খেলা খেলো,,,দেখি দেখি।

  4. I didn't understand.. can someone explain better ?

  5. This is pretty clever. Trying it with my fam tonight. The little ones will love this!

  6. After playing this way once, there’s no going back. Too much fun!!

  7. After playing this way once, there’s no going back. Too much fun!!

  8. So this is basically Uno but everyone can see your cards

    That’s so stupid.

  9. I rebuilt 2 decks of cards excluded a few and made a few new wild cards not copyrighted and Hasbro did not respond as of yet 11/2018

  10. Wat is the rules how does the cards get placed are you only allowed to take form bottom or wat?

  11. This is great. We just came up with one very similar, as the little ones got upset “loosing”… so we flipped the script and decided to play open handed, using stacks and the object is to not go out of cards… winner is the last one standing with the most cards.

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