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UNO Flip is here and it’s a completely new way to play UNO! It really turns the whole system on its head! Also it doesn’t quite work perfectly!




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  1. Gotta love how they don't understand the draw until you get chosen color card

  2. Gotta love how they don't understand the draw until you get chosen color card

  3. well this was disappointing, thank goodness the last battle was at least somewhat entertaining.

  4. U can tell Bob is lying about hating Mark cause acting is unoriginal and sucks. Nah JK, Bob's great lol.

  5. 0:40 I’m rewatching this series and just had the realization that me and my entire generation that grew up with Markiplier, are going to have to watch him get old and then pass…. What is life. omfg.

  6. 11:57

    wade: sneezes

    bob: if your gonna not mute it could you at least Michael jackson sneeze for us?

    mark: breathy laughs

    also mark: there's no way that wasn't a sound board

    the michael jackson sneeze was the best thing ive heard all day

  7. God I wasn't paying attention to the beginning of the video so when Bob said "Quick call me Sonny" I got scared

  8. Went to go visit the store apparently you need a password…. why?

  9. 5 sponsor segments? Thank god for youtube vanced for allowing me to skip this. Gee 😬

  10. Mark shut up im not here for your junk ad 🤬

  11. I want a mega compilation of mark freaking out and screaming

  12. Al Dusty is actually supposed to say "Al, Dusty". The comma doesn't show up. All AI's have the same last name "Al" so i guess they are related.

  13. I once had the worstest of luck having over 99 cards in a match… i think it was 105?…

  14. this should be interesting
    to rewatch🦆

  15. 3:26 “It’s just the 4, 4, and 4” right as 3 fours get played

  16. This is my favorite version of uno it is truly no holds barred

  17. Im gonna guess they never played Uno flip. If your confused about the Draw thing the card's effect is that you have to draw untill you draw a card of the same color your opponent that played it sets. It can make you only draw 1 card to drawing a bunch of cards. And if you fail a challenge you have to draw 2 additional cards.

  18. I remember one of the best things I ever did with unoflip was, I was playing a game with 3 people, I had maticulously went through the deck and removed EVERY cyan card, I then played that card that made you pick up until you got a certain colour and called cyan. Fond memories of that

  19. As soon as Mack said you can’t block this add I got a Clash Royale add

  20. 21:08 There is actually a math-like Uno, which is called Dos for some reason. But it allows you to play to cards at once by doing math.

  21. I relate to Bob I’ve had very few cats actually not be an a$$hole and those were males except a select few females… females tend to just scratch/attack me or just be hateful pricks… so I don’t particularly care for cats nearly as much as dogs.

  22. I’m like omg Al Dusty! Though I think this came out before Vanoss playing it and Al basically being a member of crew any time they’d play Uno

  23. Can't wait til markiplier ,Bob and wade play yugioh

  24. Can't believe it's been 11 years since markiplier started youtube channel

  25. I'm poor so I can't afford cloak sadly I was excited to buy cloak then saw the price

  26. What if… Barbara was actually a prototype artificial intelligence that listens to all the mean things Wade says to her and she can actually rig the game to cause Wade to lose, not just the game, but his grip on reality. He believes Barbara is so real, that she actually becomes a real person and Wade becomes trapped in a dimension where he is an AI character who must play UNO for eternity against real people. Like Barbara… Dun dun duuuun

  27. In the flip side the colors are purple, magenta, teal and orange

  28. When Mark said "Purple" he sounded like Gru and I was laughing. Well done Mark love your vids XD

  29. The part where Mark was transitioning to the Scottish accent was phenomenal

  30. 1:41 Oh no, that's a Wild Draw Color card! You pick a color and the next person draws until they get that color!

  31. This episode hits different when your name is Archie

  32. I watched this then my family actually bought the physical game of uno flip and they asked me to play with them. They asked if they needed to explain how it works and I'm like "no, I'm an expert. I watched a video about it"🤣

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