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7 Rules You May Have Missed In UNO The Card Game – How To Play Correctly

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7 Rules You May Have Missed In UNO the Card Game.
Genre: Family Board Games
Hand Management
Take That Mechanism
Players: 2-10
Designer: Merle Robbins
Publisher: Mattel
How to Play UNO

UNO is a card game based on the public domain card game Crazy Eights. It is a game that has lived on shelves and in the nostalgic memories for decades and decades. Many people who play UNO have often changed, adapted or house ruled the game over time.

In this video we examine some of the widely overlooked rules to this game and we explore how this game was meant to be played. Some of these rules you may be familiar with and others you may not even know. This video aims to shed some light over the official rules for the original intention of the game.

The aim in a game of UNO is for players to empty their entire hand of cards throughout each round of gameplay. The winner of each round then gains points equal to the face up value of the cards remaining in their opponent’s hands. The first player over several rounds to accumulate 500 points wins the game.

The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.

Uno Attack


  1. am i only 1 who don`t care about rules at all and creates my own rules

  2. Until this day, people still go to Uno's social media accounts and telling them they know nothing about the rules.

  3. Thanks alot for that information..! : )

  4. Hello, I keep having this argument with my wife and son. They believe that the player who needs to put something on a draw 2 card can put a plain 2 card. And I keep on telling them that just because it’s a draw 2 card does not mean it’s value is 2!!!

  5. use the ultimate reverse card

  6. That ain’t fun that’s math awe fuck that liol

  7. Who else always stacked skip and reverse in uno between 2 players lmao… Been doing this since years

  8. My rules different
    My friend's rules different
    My brother's rules different
    Real rules different
    1st rule : make your own rules and different

  9. What if i throw +2 or +4 Card to my opponent but his/her card is already gone, Is it still allowed to throw +2or +4 Cards?

  10. Let's be honest, everyone in the comments is just talking about being honest at how bad they are at reading the actual rules and simply playing it the way they decided to. Nonetheless, everyone's had fun with their own versions of it (:

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  12. This game and it's rules have ruined families and friendships. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Our family argument is when can call out the person on Uno?
    Example , if the card is still in your hand can the other person call Uno on you ; or does it have to be after you release it from your fingers then they can call Uno on you.

  14. If you’re confused, Ubisoft’s UNO game uses the official rules, except for the stacking +2’s

  15. You should debunk the myth that says a reverse card in a 1v1 game acts as a skip. It literally makes no sense.

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  17. I’d like to talk with you regarding UNO. I’m interested in your opinion regarding the gameplay, speed of the game, the progression of turns / how turns progress throughout the game. There are certain things that intrigue me about the game play, some of which are “how a player feels” while playing? Meaning, do you feel happy when you play? Do you feel like it’s fun? Do you feel like it’s a “heavy” on the brain, or is it easy flowing?

  18. Do you say uno when having 1 card left, not being able to play it, and then taking another card from deck and playing it without even putting it in your hand?

  19. I wonder if I can counter plus 4 card with plus 2 if the colors matches with the chosen one

  20. People… please stop changing the rules!! They’re there for a reason. Not being able to stack plus cards makes a game last longer and more fun. When the person to your left has one card, u can just plus them and BOOM no matter what they have to pick up.

  21. This is just confusing I will never use these

  22. I know about the challenge rule from uno attack

  23. What happens when you play a wild four to change the color when you have others of that colour and you are catched.you take 4 cards in your hand and the colour change or not?

  24. We know the rules in our house. We just don't use those rules 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. YESS!! I was playing with my kids and one on them had a green card as her last card so when it was my turn, the only playable card I had was a green card, so I decided to draw a card and one of my other kids accused me of cheating!! 😂 Well, according to rule 6 alternative, I’m was allowed to play it that way.. 😆

  26. If you play with the “draw until you can play” rule then you’re a psychopath

  27. So if someone is about to win I can just be like "you're bluffing!", see their card, probably draw some penalty cards, and then everyone will know that person's cards so that the next person who plays can change the color or whatever to something the guy almost winning doesn't have? Sounds like a pretty broken rule to me if I understood it correctly…

  28. Can I ask for clarification on 2 things.
    1) I often play this game with my 7yo as a 2 player game. When I put down a pick up 2 card, she needs to pick up 2 and miss a turn, can I then put down another pick up 2, or is that classed as stacking?
    2) An example of an end game – I am at uno with 1 card and have just put down a wild card to change the colour to yellow. She has lots of cards, 1 being a yellow miss a turn, and another being a wild card. Can she play the yellow miss a turn, then use the wild to change the colour? Thanks in advance

  29. The 1 rule in uno issssssssss

    Get revenge

  30. My Friends: wHaTeVeR lEtS pLaY mY rUlEs iDc

  31. Did you know…when i play this games. Its never ends

  32. Draw 4 cards are worth 50 points. The regular wild cards are worth 40 points.

  33. You make playing UNO a lot more complicated.

  34. Me and my friends before: fighting and bickering about rules
    +10000 big brain
    Me and my friends now: uses rules
    That’s how mafia works.

  35. Try to keep a lot of 0s and discarding the others

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