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5 Flippin’ Things About UNO FLIP You Need To Know | Rules, How To Play & Win

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UNO FLIP is a implemented version of the classic card game UNO. IN this version the rules of the original game have been twisted and altered for a new fresh take on the game.

In this incarnation of UNO each card in the deck is doubled sided. In Star Wars like fashion, one side is titled the light side and the other side is titled the dark side.

Throughout the game, players flip between the dark and light side using flip action cards that appear throughout the game. When players play a flip card, they will have to flip the draw pile, discard pile and all players hands. When the players move into the dark side, the actions that players can use become more potent and aggressive.

With this version of the game there is the introduction of some new cards including the Draw 1 card, the Wild Draw 2 Card, the Skip Everyone Card, the Draw until you reach a colour of my choice card. These new twists do lengthen the gameplay itself but not the fun factor.

In this video we examine 5 things you should know about how this version of UNO differs from the original version.

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  1. Is the wild draw color card (like the arrow up thingie card) like picking cards from the discard pile as possible and picking only one color card after player chooses the color?

  2. What if there is flip on top and bottom sides of the uno flip discard card

  3. How to play when an action card (eg. +5 ) appears in the middle of the game after flipping the decks, should the opponent take +5 cards or has to play the card of same color or another +5 of any other color

  4. Uno flip reverseSkip everyone it always your turnWild draw colorDraw all colors from a hand

  5. Normal Uno:orange blue green red
    Uno Flip:indigo gold rose teal

  6. I love uno games. Just got the new uno party! Game 6+ players

  7. I love ur videos. Been binge watching them and I LOVE board games!!!

  8. This uno is more than wild! I want to buy this so much xD I only played the normal one, that I have

  9. Actually, this version of Uno is way better than the original. Fight me! Hahahahaha

  10. "The dark side of the uno is a pathway to many abilities many consider to be … unnatural"

  11. If it is on the light side i save i +5 so i dont waste them

  12. UNO Flip trains your memory. It works better when the opponent has fewer cards.
    Although minor, the darker card are negative colors of the classic deck.
    Red<>Light Blue
    Yellow<>Purple (Blue)

    UNO? More like NO U!

  13. How do you count the points if the players uno card was a +5?

  14. I just order uno flip in flipkart it will came in Sunday

  15. I like the way you explained it you convinced me to buy it

  16. When wild draw color card is played the next player has to pick up the card of the color that previous player choose.
    But when the next player already has that color do they need to pick the same color from the deck??
    How do we know if they really have picked the card and have shown the same color card that they already have???

  17. It's more challenging than the original UNO

  18. That Asian Kid In Uno Flip: Ok Draw 5, Draw 5, Reverse, Reverse, Draw 5, Draw 5, Skip Everyone, Draw 5, Skip Everyone, Wild Draw, Draw 5, Draw 5, Switch Side Card

  19. Hello May I ask 1. If my friend used a wild draw card on me, I want to know if I can use anyone wild draw card to cover my turn and the next player should draw until he matches the color ? 2. If I flip the card to the dark side and the card shows it’s flip again so what should I do ? Hope you can answer as I’m confused a few time when that happens to me


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  22. Question – when you flip over the discard pile and the new card on top is another flip card, what do you do? Flip it again back to the original side you were just playing?? A bit annoying. Looking for other suggestions as thats how I have been playing.

  23. The uno I bought doesn't have an orange.It's replaced with dark blue

  24. The Dark Reverse, Wild and Flip cards are OK btw

  25. Theres now a different uno flip, with teal as blue and orange as dark blue

  26. Trying to find the answer to this:
    If the last card played is a flip, then, for points calculation, do you flip all the hands or not?

  27. Quick question if I play flip card and the new card in discard pile when flipped over is a draw two card or skip card then what? Also on the dark side the wild draw color card if purple is chosen and I have a purple in my hand prior to the color change do I still draw card until I get another purple?

  28. I want to buy this! On wendesday we have to go to school to get supplies and my mom said we can go to national book store to buy uno flip!🃏

  29. My deck only has red and yellow card for some reason

  30. i only have Uno the first one. we will play Uno card with famiky members for fun..

  31. I need an answer to this situation!

    If we flip the game, and on the discard pile there is a wild draw color what do you do???

    I saw that if it is a +2 draw card, it going back in the deck and you use the next card? What about with the wild draw color card

  32. I have a question, before playing my flip card can I look at my dark side colors before doing so?

  33. Can I use dark skip everyone card after the previous person puts the +5 card in same color as skip everyone card?

  34. Hey is it cheating when you look at the back of a person's hand in the game. I'm asking cause my family says it's cheating even though I feel like it's not cheating

  35. When player plays wild draw colour card and chooses teal. Does the next player have to draw from the deck till he gets a teal, even if he already has a teal card in his hand?

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