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🟣 UNO Flip Is… Toxic | We Flipped 9 Times!

Real Life UNO Battles
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We play using some of the Original Uno Rules & stack from time to time.

The “Wild Customizable Cards” are “Discard cards” which means a player can play all the matching colour cards in their hand. Another discard card can be played on top or a matching colour card.

For older video – whenever a player shows the back of the card to the camera that indicates that they only have one card left. UNO!



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  1. But she has put 5+ and he has put as well,
    I don't think you can do this

  2. Playing UNO
    4 Players
    100 Cards
    14 Getting Cards

  3. 1:42 when he gave u orange +5 why don't u pock up 5 cards ?

  4. What is the music you put when you are playing on the dark side! Its freaking hilarious we want to put the same music while playing 😅

  5. it's that how it works by using reverse cards on two players?

  6. I just bought an UNO Flip yesterday and I played it with my siblings and it was pure chaos with the +5 attacks and flip spams😂

  7. That was a good game…that's why uno flip is my fave uno card game cause of the light vs. dark challenge, making the game longer and worthwhile

  8. I still remember playing this between my classmates during our school sports festival. So much tension and dread happened between 8 players, a whole 2 hours, and so many watchers. 💀

  9. Quick question: If you flip towards a different side of the deck and you see an action card (such as +2 or +5), do you simply ignore the action card? Also, if someone receives a wild draw color, does that person stop pick up cards if they get a wild card, or do they keep going until they get the correct card?

  10. That was a toxic interesting game 😂 Btw I love your videos ❤

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