🔶UNO GAMING BATTLES #2 - Which player will win the 3 games? 🔶 - notanothergamestore.com

🔶UNO GAMING BATTLES #2 – Which player will win the 3 games? 🔶

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🔶UNO GAMING BATTLES #2 – Which player will win the 3 games? 🔶

We hope you enjoy this 3 game uno battle.

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  1. Wait what in the first game player 2 had 2-4s and 2-7s He could have won before puting both cards together and the wilds whattt….? Don't you put any cards with the wild ?!?

  2. Player 2 won the hole game!!😰😮😮

  3. Hey not gonna lie the game is awesome.

  4. And thanks for learning me how to play uno it means a lot

  5. Can you tell me everyone's name in the game Uno oh now little little spider

  6. When their is last card then we have to say uno

  7. 1:26 he didn't win!!! He don't said "uno out" so he must draw cards

  8. I like the sound you make when you hand the card out its soooo satisfying.

  9. This game is literally better then poker, chess, and cards game.

  10. If I have a card that matches the card that’s in the middle but I have two cards that matches the one in the middle can I put those two cards?

  11. Just player 2is the winner is that fair ??…

  12. 3:54 Player 1 could have made a play there and won that round. She had a 4.

  13. Hey bro I just wanted to ask that don’t u see each other cards

  14. Well I think you guys getting extra cards by mistakes

  15. U are saying the word uno incorrect as if the word spells youno. Please correct this mistake and u have a huge audience which you are misleading unknowingly. U should research on the subject before u post it since you have a big audience to influence

  16. Can you counter a +2 card with another +2 ?

  17. Love watching your uno games but are you a guy or a girl Player 2

  18. Just imagine playing uno less than 5minutes-

    Meanwhile me and my siblings took 15minutes to finish 1 round lmao-

  19. I just want to see how other people's play uno😅

  20. I won a lot of round I never lose lol

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