🔶 UNO - Card Game (GAMING Battles #8) 🔶 - notanothergamestore.com

🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #8) 🔶

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🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #) 🔶

In this video we will play uno to see who the CHAMPION is!

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  1. linkstwin630 2nd channel linkstwin630 2nd channel says:

    UNO is the best game!!

  2. linkstwin630 2nd channel linkstwin630 2nd channel says:

    And it’s my favourite game I love watching all your UNO battle videos I like UNO flip and original UNO

  3. This is Awesome……I have and play mini UNO.

  4. awesome game i love this game and player 1 is op


  5. Was it cold there when this card game happened?

  6. You cant put 2 with 4 and you do 2 with 2then someone can put 4 and then you can put another 4 but if you put 2 never put 4I think it's hard but that's how to play

  7. Playing uno with 3 players is the perfect amount of players

  8. I thaught that your supposed to get 1 card if you don’t have the same card as on the table

  9. When we play uno,it’s impossible to not talk eccept when we say the colors or uno

  10. When they say uno,it sounds like their saying “you know”

  11. When they try to say uno its sounds like you know

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