🔶 UNO - Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶 - notanothergamestore.com

🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶

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🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶

In this video we unbox the latest Uno Cards and play a few games.

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  1. Did you like this video? Would you like to see more UNO Game Play videos in the future?

  2. If u dont have card & u picked then matching cars come u can put

  3. So if you have two cards same colour and same kind can you play both of them

  4. i do have uno cards when ever i play ill do it 😀😀😀😀

  5. In our place we play a different type of uno.

  6. Fav. Indoor game…. Love to play… 😌

  7. The first game
    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  8. It was a good video but it was a bit complicated

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